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How Gel Metatarsal Pads Help With Hammer Toes


Hammer toes are a common foot deformity that can cause one or more of your toes to bend downward at the middle joint, even when your feet are at rest. This condition can cause pain and discomfort and create problems doing day-to-day activities like wearing shoes or exercising.

If you suffer from hammer toes, you may be searching for remedies to provide relief. Fortunately orthotics like metatarsal pads may be able to help. Keep reading to learn more about what causes hammer toes, how they're treated, and how metatarsal pads help.

What Causes Hammer Toes

There are a number of factors that can contribute to the development of hammer toes, including tight shoes or high heels, foot injuries, and certain medical conditions like arthritis.

In many cases, a combination of factors are at play. A lifetime of wearing tight shoes that crowd your toes together can force your toes into abnormal positions. In the long-term, this can cause the balance of your foot and toe muscles to be disrupted, which leads to abnormalities like hammer toe, mallet toe, or bunions.

When this is combined with genetic disposition or foot injuries, hammer toes can develop and become a long-term issue.

How Hammer Toes Are Treated

Depending on the severity of your toe deformity and its underlying cause, treatment for hammer toes may include physical therapy, orthotic devices, or medical interventions like surgery.

For many people who still have mobility in their toes, a change in lifestyle is recommended. Wearing shoes with wide toe boxes that allow your toes to spread out, doing toe exercises, and wearing over the counter orthotics like toe separators or gel metatarsal pads can ease discomfort and help realign your toes to their proper position.

Can Metatarsal Pads Help Hammer Toes?

Yes, gel metatarsal pads can help provide relief for hammer toes by reducing pressure and irritation on the affected area. By cushioning your toe joints and redistributing weight away from your toes, gel metatarsal pads can help reduce discomfort and pain caused by toe deformity.

When used in combination with other things like good shoes and physical therapy, they can even help to reverse the condition.

How to Avoid Getting Hammer Toes

Fortunately, the technique used to avoid getting hammer toes are very similar to the techniques used to treat them. Proper well-fitting shoes, toe exercises and stretches, and orthotics can all help.

One device that can help prevent hammer toes and other similar conditions is toe separators. The advantage of toe separators include realigning your toes into their natural positions, increasing blood flow to your toes, and helping the tendons and muscles in your feet become more flexible and strong.


If you suffer from hammer toes, a few lifestyle changes along with the help of orthotics like toe separators and gel metatarsal pads can go a long way in easing discomfort and helping your toes find their natural alignment.

If you have more questions or concerns about your hammer toes, consult your podiatrist for more assistance.

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