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How are you making a difference?


Today is a holiday that we might be blessed to have off from heading into the office or school building. Maybe some of us attended parades, exhibits, lectures, and worship services this morning. Some of us may have stayed home with the kids doing ever ending piles of laundry and dishes while getting glimpses of commemoration programs on TV. 

Yesterday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. would have celebrated his 94th birthday if he was still with us. For many of us, we only know what we remember being taught in school, but the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was incredibly full. The King Center has a wonderful description of MLK, JR and his wife, Coretta Scott King. There are also many other ways to seek out information about this great man and his legacy as well! 

In recent years, I've seen lots of encouragement for us to not waste this important holiday. Instead of sitting around home, out shopping, etc; we should be making a difference in the lives of those within our communities through acts of service. 

While today is very important to remember the life, legacy, and changes that Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. brought to our communities and country, it is NOT the only day we can make a difference. 

Just as MLK, JR and his family did every day, we too can make a difference every day. We can fight for what we believe in, we can stand up in the face of adversity, we can care for our friends, families, neighbors, and even strangers. We can make a difference just by being our best selves and caring for others in the best ways possible. 

This year, the King Center encourages us to commemorate this holiday through this theme "strive to cultivate a Beloved Community Mindset, and ultimately transform unjust systems." Making a difference in our own communities will eventually lead to a difference across the entire world, one little step at a time. 

MLK, JR often preached about God's love, God's justice, light while striving to combat against the injustices he daily faced, along with his fellow brothers and sisters. He firmly believed that love and light would overcome darkness and hate. After all, this is the message that God ultimately brings us through the life and death of Jesus Christ. I am reminded that his birthday falls within the season of Epiphany in our church year. Epiphany is about revelation of Jesus as Messiah, about light, about grace and forgiveness overcoming sin. 

Just like MLK, JR. believed, I too believe that one day, there will be no darkness in this world. Especially if we consistently counter darkness with light. If we shine light onto the dark spaces, if we uncover those spaces where negativity often hides and broods, we will change the world. We will one day make his dream a reality. We will be a people that is a beloved community that works together, plays together, and makes a difference for ALL. 

So, how will you be the light? How will you make that difference? 

Today and every day, we get the amazing awesome wonderful opportunity to make the difference in someone's life. It can be small. It can be big. It can start with hello. It can start with a hug. It can start with a donation. It can start with one small step in the direction your heart is leading you towards. 

For inspiration and ideas, check out this list or find volunteer centers in your own local communities. Here in Wilmington, we have many organizations that are always looking for people to serve! Making a difference doesn't have to be difficult, although it can feel like a daunting task. Sometimes, we make things more difficult than they should be. 

Of course, we all have hard and difficult days, which is why we are in community together. When we make a difference together, we can help each other through our own strengths and weaknesses. We can support each other and equip each other no matter what life throws at us. 

I am thankful that you all at MBP are a part of my community and I hope that you know we are here for you. 

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