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Greensboro Science Center: Fun For All Ages

Recently, my son's 6th grade class had an amazing time at the Greensboro Science Center!

If you've never made the trip to visit the GSC, I highly recommend doing so. This facility has a little something for everyone. In fact, it has a LOT for everyone! We split into groups and as chaperones, my hubby and I led four kiddos to explore the grounds at our leisure. 

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Visiting the small reptile room was memorable for my group. We saw poisonous frogs and many varieties of snakes that some of the kids enjoyed, while others not so much. There are staff members at every stop to help educate the kids on the animals they are viewing. 

The outdoor zoo area was simply amazing. The kids were able to view flamingos, a wolf, monkeys, birds of all kinds and even a baby red panda!

The center has put great care into ensuring that no matter where you walk, you'll have a fantastic view of something amazing. Inside, we enjoyed the aquarium, dinosaur fossil exhibit, reptile room and even a large area which measured how fast the kids could run! You can imagine how long we stayed at that activity. Sixth graders can be quite competitive. If all of the exploring leaves you hungry, the cafe at GCS is quite nice. I enjoyed a vanilla latte while many enjoyed pizza, pretzels and other delicious treats. 

A favorite amongst the kids was a huge, outdoor jungle gym play area! There are climbing structures, tree houses and obstacles galore. The kids played for a solid hour and didn't want to leave!

Overall, our experience was one for the memory bank and we look forward to visiting again sometime soon. If you or your kid's school is within driving distance to the Greensboro Science Center, definitely check it out! The staff is friendly, the facility is clean, gigantic and full of educational experiences around every turn. 

What's one of your favorite North Carolina spots?



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