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A Versatile Guide To How To Relocate Your Family Fast And Stress-Free


Ah, the excitement of a family relocation! Or is it the corresponding stress? The prospect of starting anew in an unfamiliar place can be daunting, to say the least. To help make this transition easier for everyone involved we’ve created this comprehensive guide on how to relocate your family fast and easily with minimal stress. Here, you’ll find all the best tips from hiring reliable movers to doing the packing. Get ready to hit the ground running wherever your family winds up next!

4 Weeks Before the Move

DIY move vs hire residential movers

Approximately a month before your family moves it is essential to decide whether you will do the job on your own or seek professional help from an experienced Long Beach moving company. This decision needs to take into account factors such as how much furniture and other items are being moved, how far away the new home will be located, and of course, the budget.

Find a reliable moving company

If you decide to turn to the help of movers, a task to be added to your family relocation checklist is finding a reliable moving company. This search should be done well in advance, at least one month before your planned relocation date. Choosing a reputable firm is critical, as it will remove much of the headache associated with packing and lifting furniture.

Discuss the relocation with the children

A sure strategy on how to move a family stress-free is to discuss the relocation with your children. Taking the time out of your busy schedule to sit down, talk about how the changes affect them, and answer any questions or concerns can help them feel more at ease and express their emotions. Do not overlook or postpone this step — open communication is key for a successful transition.

Declutter your home

Another essential task to get done a month before your family begins their journey is to declutter your home. By organizing and sifting through any accumulated items that might be cluttering up the space, you will save yourself time and hassle when it comes to packing them up in boxes. It may not seem like much of a stress reliever at first, but it will greatly benefit you as the due date approaches.

Start the packing

If you are wondering how to relocate your family smoothly, it is essential that at least one month before the due date the packing should start. This includes organizing belongings into boxes, labeling them, and deciding what room each box relates to. If you keep your packing well-organized, you will be thankful for that when it comes to unpacking.

Encourage children to start packing

Packing can be overwhelming for anyone, especially children. It is important to give them plenty of time to organize and prepare for the transition. Scheduling a packing day four weeks beforehand is a good strategy to move family without hustle. This will provide adequate time for your children to get ready to move on to the next chapter in life with grace and positivity.

3 Weeks Before the Move

Take the pet to the vet

To ensure that your furry friend remains healthy during the relocation, include their visit to the vet on your family relocation checklist. At this visit, the vet can provide a health check-up and any vaccinations or medications your pet may need before their travel. They can likewise give valuable advice on how to best care for your pet throughout the journey.

Ask your family doctor to recommend a specialist in your new place

Three weeks before you move family, one task to keep in mind is to ask your family doctor for referrals. This ensures that you have a ready list of physicians recommended by someone with expertise and insight into the medical field. This way, you can feel secure knowing that your family's medical needs are taken care of well in advance.

Plan how your pet will be traveling

Take the time to research and make plans for transporting your furry friend. Whatever transportation type you choose, attempt to make arrangements at the destination ahead of time. Find a nearby animal hospital in case of unforeseen problems during the trip and search for lodging options should the move take longer than expected.

Hire a reliable car shipping company

Hiring a reliable car shipping company is essential to ensure that your car arrive on time and in good condition. Do some research and read reviews before you choose one: professional car shipping service must provide the convenience of service with tracking features as well as insurance coverage for potential damage or loss.

2 Weeks Before the Move

Update the address

Two weeks before the due date, updating your address should be on the how to relocate your family list. Whether that means notifying friends or those with whom you do business, doing so can help to guarantee that important documents such as bills don't get sent to the wrong address. Although it may seem like one small detail in comparison to other tasks, keeping track of who knows where you live can save time and energy down the line.

Transfer the home utilities

Half a month before you move family is an ideal timeframe to transfer utilities including electricity, gas, and water to your new home. It is essential to attend to this task by notifying suppliers in advance and coordinating switchover dates as soon as possible. This is especially relevant if you are connecting with a different service provider in the new location.

Arrange a farewell party

Arranging a farewell party can be an effective way to commemorate the end of your family's time in one area and help prepare for the transition to another. Hosting the event two weeks before moving gives everyone the chance to reflect on memories shared and say goodbye with plenty of time left to get organized for the relocation itself.

Plan how (if at all) you will move the plants

A couple of weeks before your relocation is a critical time to make several decisions, one of which is the fate of your beloved plants. Deciding on the best solution for them can be harder than expected. You need to think about where they can be placed in the new home, or consider if leaving them in an environment they are used to is the best choice.

1 Week Before the Move

Consult with your checklist to assess your packing progress

As the final stretch of your journey is approaching, it's time to ensure that all the necessary preparations have been made. Consulting your family relocation checklist is an essential task for oversight one week before the due date. Taking note of what has been packed and double-checking for any valuables or necessities that may have been forgotten can be incredibly helpful.

Pack your children’s essentials

A vital task that should not be overlooked is to make sure your children have their essentials packed a week before the big day. Everything from any medications they might need, toys they like to play with, books to help them pass long car rides, or documents from school should be prepared and readily available.

Pack essentials for your pets

Another essential task is packing up your pet's essentials for the journey. This includes things like food, bowls, leashes, and any medications they might need. If you are traveling by airplane or car, research ahead of time so that you know any regulations or requirements you’ll need to pass to bring them along.

Arrange the car service

Taking care of transportation beforehand can help make the process as stress-free and efficient as possible, so it is an important step not to overlook. Investigate local options or check for transfer services if moving out of town. Confirm details such as pickup times, payment methods, and baggage allowance to have everything ready before you depart.

On the Moving Day

Start the move early

The day of your relocation can undoubtedly be a busy and chaotic one, with so many tasks to attend to. With this in mind, it is a good idea to start the move early. This will help ensure that you have plenty of time to transition from one home to the next, as well as give your family members a chance to get organized.

Ensure all safety arrangements are in place for the children and pets

Moving day is likely to be a hectic and stressful experience, especially with children and pets involved. It is important to properly plan for their safety. Allocate a reliable adult to ensure the children stay together and out of harm's way in the house as it is packed. Check on the kids periodically and give them designated areas where they are allowed to be while you coordinate with movers. For pets, make sure they are adequately hydrated and securely put away in crates — depending on the type of pet — during travel time.

Dress appropriately

Consider what you will be doing on the relocation day and make sure that you are wearing clothes that are appropriate for the task. You should wear clothing that allows free movement, such as comfortable jeans or shorts, and shoes that provide enough grip when lifting furniture or boxes.

Do the final check

A final check can help ensure that no personal items have been left behind, such as jewelry, important documents, or fragile objects. All surfaces should be inspected to make sure that all those small things that we tend to forget are with us in the new place.

Meet the movers

Meeting the movers on the day when you move family is the final task on your family relocation checklist. It is important to be present at the start of their shift as they are likely to ask you questions, such as where they should begin and what things should go first. And don’t forget to tip them when the whole job is over!


No matter how many times you’ve moved, relocating is always a challenging and time-consuming task. We hope that by following our family relocation checklist, you can minimize the stress and move family fast and without hustle.

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