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Your Guide to Scotland Getaways with Hot Tubs

Thinking about taking a trip across the world?  How about across the Atlantic Ocean?  One of the most popular places to visit as a tourist destination right now is Scotland, and there are many good reasons for that.  For one thing, it is simply a beautiful place to explore.  What else is there, though?

The lodging options are one of the greatest appeals for a lot of people, though the sightseeing is nothing to sneer at either.  You can check out resources such as this one for some information on the country itself, http://projectbritain.com/britain/scotland.htm, but today I would prefer to focus on some of those lodging options instead.

In particular, let us take a look at cottages.  You may already know this, but they are a form of small houses that embody cozy living and comfort.  There is a reason “cottage core” is such a popular trend on social media!  What might they look like in Scotland, then?

Amenities Galore

Depending on the price range that you decide to operate in and some of the other factors such as location, you will find a variety of different amenities that are available in the rental cottages for your vacation.  Some getaways may be on the beach, for example, and offer you the opportunity to see the sun rising above the sea.

Others could provide a view of the Scottish Highlands right from the windows, which is breathtaking all on its own.  As you can tell, there are so many possibilities.  It can be hard to pick between them all, really, so something that may assist in that is looking at the other things that each property has to offer.

Maybe you specifically want a fireplace, be that a traditional wood-burning one or an electronic/gas operated one.  Most travel booking websites will allow you to filter for that, or you can at least type that into the search bar!  Then you will see results with those specific wants.

Another example might be “Best Hot Tub Cottages” if you want to enjoy a nice warm soak during your relaxing getaway.  Sometimes, that is all we really need after a long day of walking, hiking, or otherwise exploring.  From there, we can select between the rentals that we see with hot tubs attached or inside.

Basically, if you can think of a specific amenity that you want, you can probably look for it in specific.  Travel agents who are assisting you with booking should also be informed of these desires, of course.  Make sure that your vacation is just as dreamy as you want it to be!

Why Cottages?

Now, perhaps you are wondering why you would go in this direction when there are certainly hotels that offer hot tubs as well.  Most hotels simply do not offer the same authentic Scottish charm as a rental cottage could, for one thing.  In addition to that, renting a property seems to be a more cost-effective option.

That may not always be the case, so do your research before making any official bookings.  With that being said, though, the convenience of being able to cook in your own space rather than having to eat out all the time is another perk.  Privacy is another big one that many people place high importance on.

Articles such as this one can offer some further glimpses into why this is so appealing for vacationers today.  When we travel to another country, we want to get a taste of what living there feels like.  Authenticity and exploration are key parts of a lot of vacations for a reason, right? 

Having a cozy space to return to after a day filled with activities is an experience that is quite divine, honestly.  This way, you never really have to worry about interacting with strangers that you would rather avoid or dealing with unsanitary hotel practices.  It puts you in charge of your own sleeping quarters when you rent a cottage and having a hot tub that you do not need to share is quite appealing as well.

In general, though, I think the comforting atmosphere is what people prize above everything else I have mentioned.

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