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Warm Up With Blends from Mark T. Wendell Tea Company


Thanks Mark T. Wendell Tea Co for sending over these samplers in exchange for a review! All thoughts are my own. 

Like most of the southeast, I've succumbed to fall germs that have spread around my community. While I have no fever, sore throat, or the like… I have a cough that has existed for the better part of 3 weeks. Once I get a cough, it's hard for me to shake it, and it's finally starting to subside.  My job requires me to talk a fair amount, and sometimes, especially when I'm around the church teens, to laugh a fair amount. There isn't much that stops me when a coughing fit is set off, but hot tea sure does help!

Hot tea has long been my go-to "fix all ailments" cure. From a child hanging out on my grandfather's couch to an adult nursing my own health, hot tea soothes the soul and warms us up. 

This holiday season, spread the warmth and soothe your loved one's soul with Mark T. Wendell Tea Company. Loose-leaf teas with amazing flavors are sure to perk up the spirits. Perhaps, while they can't cure all ailments, throats, hearts, and tummies might feel better too!

Mark Wendell sent over a beautiful three-piece Holiday tea set. I absolutely love the sleek packaging that this set arrives in! Inside a box are three tea tins, each full of a special holiday blend. At first, I wasn't sure how I would feel about them, as they aren't my typical Earl Grey selections, but I have to say, each one is marvelous in its own way. 

It's hard to put tastes and smells into words, especially with loose-leaf tea, but here we go:

Normally, pumpkin spice anything isn't a fan of mine. I know folks that either love it or hate it, so I was hesitant regarding this particular Pumpkin Spice flavor. I was actually surprised that I enjoy this tea! It has a great black tea base, and none of the spices are particularly overpowering. It has hints of cinnamon cloves, cardamom, ginger, and natural pumpkin essence, based on it's description. I could faintly taste each one, as there was enough to give the tea a kick, but not enough to knock taste buds out of whack! 

The next tea in the set is the Marzipan Walnut Rose Black Tea. Okay y'all, this is probably my new favorite tea ever! For those who don't know, Marzipan is a delectable treat often found in European countries. It consists of sugar, almonds, and honey in bar format. I'm not exactly sure how this blend was made, but it is certainly amazing. Between the rose and walnut scents, the tea isn't overpowering, but isn't a traditional black tea. It's more on the sweeter side of black teas! I love putting honey in my tea and didn't even need to do so with this one!

Finally, the collection's third tea blend is the Oriental Spice tea. The description says this black tea has notes of orange and clove in it. While it's not my favorite of the three, it's certainly a good tea. It does have somewhat of a "kick" to it as teas can, so I'd probably consider the spices to have higher power than the other blends I tried. This blend might also be great as a cold iced tea as well. 

All of Mark T. Wendell loose-leaf teas come with instructions on how best to brew. Each tea type has its own brew length based on the type of leaves used in the blend. I personally have a myriad of tea balls and strainers to brew individual cups of tea, but if you do not, Mark T. Wendell has you covered! 

From strainers to paper filters, all tea brewing accessories will help you achieve that perfect quality cup of tea! Don't forge to purchase a filter holder if you buy paper filters. These clips snap apart to hold together your favorite loose-leaf tea in a paper filter. 

For those who don't like messing with loose-leaf teas, Mark T. Wendell does have some packaged blends. My mom drinks tea daily, so I know she will absolutely love the Boston Harbour tea blend. Her 25 tea bags of this black Darjeeling tea will go a long way this winter!

This holiday season, select a wonderful tea blend from Mark T. Wendell. All the teas I received had a black tea based, but there are certainly many types available from tea leaves across the world!

Thanks to Mark T. Wendell Tea Company for participating in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. We have loved featuring your amazing tea blends! Head over to MBP to check out more great gift ideas for the holiday season!

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Do you prefer hot or cold tea? What goes into your tea?

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