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Up Your Game with the SIQ Basketball


Thanks to SIQ for providing a sample. All thoughts are my own.

Do you have a basketball player in your life? I never thought I would, but my son became interested in basketball a couple of years ago, and has been shooting baskets at home ever since. As a non-sports kind of family, my husband and I are often at a loss when it comes to our kids wanting to play a sport. I'll never mind tossing a baseball or shooting hoops with my kiddos, but when it comes to my oldest wanting to practice, he needs something he can do on his own that will actually help him improve his game.

That's where SIQ comes into play- an amazing Smart basketball that tracks your baskets and performance! I know, I know- what will they think of next, right? This is such a cool basketball, and I thought it would make an amazing gift for my twelve-year-old, who is longing to spend many hours playing basketball at our new house next spring.

The SIQ Basketball provides a comprehensive analysis of your shooting sessions and tracks 192 data points per shot, including:

Shooting Sessions
SIQ's patented machine learning technology detects and tracks your shooting. You can take any kind of shot (catch and shoot, off the dribble, or a relaxed shot like a free throw) and the ball automatically classifies the shot into those categories.

Shooter Identification
Multi-Ball Support
Shot Situation

For a parent like me, who knows little about basketball, this is a dream come true! Just purchase your SIQ Basketball and follow the directions on the box to get set up and started!

Step 1- scratch and scan the card in the box to set up your SIQ membership.

Follow the directions to start your membership. If you purchased one online, you can give the card to a friend so they can enjoy an SIQ membership, too!

Step 3- Open the app (after downloading it), and start shooting!

It's so easy to start using your SIQ Basketball! Set up your membership online, and then download the SIQ App. Start shooting baskets to immediately start tracking your performance! This is such a cool gift, and you can bring the basketball along with you anywhere, and track your performance wherever you are. I can't wait to see my son enjoy this not only in our new home, but when we go on vacations, play at the park, etc. It's an amazing and unique gift!

Want it? Get it!

Head on over to SIQ Basketball to purchase your ball and membership. You can easily download the app in Google Play. Connect with SIQ Basketball on Facebook and Insta.

We're proud to feature SIQ Basketball in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

Who would you love to surprise with an SIQ Basketball for Christmas?

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