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Thanks to Margo Paige for sending the Long-Tie Wrap dress in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

By this point in December, you are probably wondering how you will have enough time to shop for everyone, wrap the gifts, make the special family tradition cookies, and be Christmas morning ready. With only a week and half left until Christmas, it's time to check your list.. twice.. to make sure that you haven't forgotten anyone!

If you have, never fear, because Margo Paige has great handbags and apparel for the sustainability-conscious in your life. It might be too late to get the physical product in hand before Christmas day, but your gift recipient will love it, no matter when it arrives! Or maybe, you have some Santa money to spend after Christmas Day! 

Whatever the case, you absolutely need to check out the handbags if you love adventuring to concerts, sports venues, and the like. There are so many restrictions regarding the size, style, and see-through nature of bags before heading to venues, so be sure to check before getting ready for the next big concert or game! Margo Paige handbags are made with clear PVC materials. PVC is a recycled post-consumer polyester. There are 4 different designs to choose that have various lengths and styles. I'd absolutely wear the Clear Fringe Crossbody or the Clear Cut Out Crossbody out as each meet local venue demands here in Wilmington. 

Sustainable clothing that is created for multi-use is also a fabulous gift! I was sent the Long Tie Wrap Dress. I have to say, I was nervous when I first choose this piece as dresses can be hit or miss on my 5.4 larger body. I did have to size up than what I expected due to my chest area, so keep that in mind if you are contemplating a dress! The sizing runs XS to XXL in Black and Olive and while I was told it does run true to size, it might depend on your own curves. 

The XXL in this dress was a definite hit though. Being unfamiliar with wrap dresses, I was slightly confused at first try, but quickly figured it out! The dress has a slit on one side (it was on the right for me) that the opposite side's tie can be pulled through. I also like how the dress has slits at the hem to help break up the shape. Its length is great for me as I don't like dresses that go all the way to mid-calf (they usually make me look frumpy) but too short dresses aren't great for daily life either! 

The website states that there are 3 ways to tie: long, short, or front. The dress has a snap button in the chest area. Personally, I'm concerned the snap will pop open, so I'll definitely be sure to wear a camp underneath to help keep everything hidden. This dress also has a collar that gives it a bit of extra style to it. 

The dress' fabric is recycled polyester with some spandex thrown in. This means that the dress repels liquids and stains! This is an excellent piece to dress up, wear down, or even wear as an open long cardigan with trousers or jeans. Due to the materials, the dress also travels well as its durable and lightweight! 

Margo Paige also offers other sustainable pieces: mock neck zip dress, cami & shorts. Great gifts are available with all the handbags and clothing choices. Not only will you be providing a useful gift, but you will be caring for your environment as all products are made with recycled eco-friendly materials. Margo Paige is also participating in a Take Back Program. This program allows the consumer to send back handbags for recycling. 

This holiday season, find the perfect gift from Margo Paige to put under the tree! These dresses and handbags are the perfect wardrobe additions for any upcoming social engagement! No matter whether you have realized you need to update your party wardrobe, or need a nice dress for work functions, or even want a clear handbag to get into game day easier (after all..basketball season is here!), Margo Paige has you covered! 

We have loved featuring Margo Paige in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, head over to MBP! 

Want it? Get it!

Purchase the Long-Tie Wrap Dress, other sustainable clothing choices, or clear handbags from Margo Paige. 

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