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Overcoming Roadblocks: How Moms Get Back Into the Workforce


Motherhood is a journey that provides many rewards, but also some challenges when it comes to managing the demands of family and career. For stay-at-home moms who are considering re-entering the workforce, there can be a number of roadblocks in their way. Returning to the job market is daunting and often overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. With proper planning and preparation, mothers can transition back into the workforce with confidence and success.


Identify Your Goals

As moms juggling career and family, finding the balance often feels like an uphill battle. But with a few simple steps, it is possible to gain momentum and achieve success in both areas of your life. Identifying your goals is the first step towards getting back into the workforce; it will provide you with the clarity and motivation to make progress.


To begin, take some time to think about what you are passionate about - what would bring meaning to your life? What skills do you have that could be useful in achieving those goals? These reflection questions can help guide you towards identifying clear objectives for yourself. Once determined, set out achievable milestones that will lead you closer each day towards attaining them. Think carefully about how much time and effort each objective will require from you but also remain realistic - there may be times when things become overwhelming so give yourself room to adjust as needed.


Revamp Your Resume

Are you a mom looking to return to the workforce after some time off? Revamping your resume is an important part of the reintegration process. Taking the time to update and refine your resume can help showcase your skills and abilities, while mitigating potential hiring manager biases.


Getting back into the job market can be intimidating, but with a few simple tips, you can make sure that your resume stands out among other applicants.

First and foremost, focus on tailoring your resume specifically for each job opening and highlight any skills or accomplishments that are relevant.

Additionally, it’s important to include references from previous employers who can speak positively about you as an employee.

You should also add any volunteer work or other activities which demonstrate your commitment and dedication to taking initiative outside of the workplace.


Get an Updated Headshot

For mothers looking to re-enter the workforce, getting an updated professional headshot is an important step. It’s often the first impression a potential employer gets of you and has become increasingly more necessary in today’s digital job market. Having a professional photo can help potential employers get an accurate idea of who you are as a person, your demeanor, and how you present yourself.


Headshots help to illustrate that not only are you actively seeking employment, but that you take pride in your appearance and career path. Including one with your resume or on LinkedIn can be invaluable when it comes to making connections and getting noticed in the job search. Professional headshots can also act as a confidence boost for moms returning to work after taking time off for their families; it shows them they still have what it takes to make it out there! If you want the very best quality for your photo, then search for a Vancouver headshot service (or wherever you are) to find the best photographers who can meet your needs. 


Expand Your Network

As a mom, returning to the workforce can be both exciting and intimidating. To make the transition smoother, it is essential to expand your network. Here are some tips to help moms get back into the workplace and build new relationships.


For starters, reach out to contacts you already know in your field or industry. This can include former classmates, colleagues from previous jobs, family members with similar interests, or even friends-of-friends who may have valuable insight. Make sure to stay connected with these contacts on social media platforms such as LinkedIn and Twitter.


Another great way to expand your network is by attending professional conferences and networking events related to your industry or profession. These events provide an excellent opportunity for building relationships with people in various roles within organizations you’re interested in working for.


Update Your Skills

Finding the time and energy to go back to work can be overwhelming. However, with some planning and preparation, mothers can get back into the workforce in no time. Updating your skills is one of the most important steps to take when entering or re-entering the job market.


Whether you are returning after a long break or just need an upgrade on what employers are looking for in today’s job market, updating your skills will give you an advantage over other applicants and help you stand out during a job search. Taking courses or attending seminars that focus on current trends and technology can give you the edge needed when competing for positions in a competitive job environment. Additionally, online resources such as free webinars and e-courses are great options if you don't have time for traditional classroom learning.


Be Flexible and Open to Change

When it comes to getting back into the workforce, moms must be flexible and open to change in order to succeed. Moms who are re-entering the job market often face a variety of roadblocks that can make taking on a new job difficult. Knowing how to properly navigate these challenges requires creative problem solving, dedication, and an open mind.


The most successful moms are able to think outside the box when tackling their professional goals. They don’t allow themselves to become stuck in one way of thinking; instead, they seek out different opportunities and solutions that work for them. This attitude of flexibility allows them find new paths forward despite any obstacles that may come up along the way.


It’s also important for moms re-entering the workforce stay informed about changing trends in their respective industries so they can stay ahead of the curve.


Conclusion: Taking the Leap

Moms looking to re-enter the workforce after taking a break for family life often face roadblocks in the form of outdated skills, gaps in their resumes, and potential employers’ hesitance. But there are steps that can be taken to overcome these issues and make a successful return to the workplace. After assessing the challenges facing them, moms should take a deep breath and take the leap back into employment.

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