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Our Busy Week Before Christmas


Happy holidays, lovely ones! We are mere days away from Christmas, and boy, have we been busy. I can only imagine that you have been busy as well. Just as we wound down for the semester last week, my husband became sick with a horrible cold. Poor guy was pretty miserable for several days, and has finally turned a corner and is feeling better. Our kiddos, however, have succumbed to the cold and are not feeling great. Our girls are both down with this yuckiness, and B and I are fighting with every fiber of our beings not to get sick this week because there's still much to do.

I would much rather be sick leading up to Christmas than be sick on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Been there, done that, and have sung for many Christmas Eve services being sick, because I don't flake on a commitment unless I'm physically unable to do so. If I have to be sick, better for that to happen now, but- there's still so much to do!

The wrapping... oh, yes... the wrapping. While I no longer have a mountain of gifts to wrap, I still have a lot of wrapping to do this week. I bought lots of gift bags and will probably resort to using some of them, but I do love actually wrapping gifts in paper, and they're more fun to open, too. The tags are time-consuming because my family's tradition is to write ridiculously silly tags that are read aloud as we open gifts on Christmas Day. It takes thought and time to come up with the tags and write them. Think pop culture references, bringing up old memories, silly phrases that make ya laugh, inside jokes, etc. It's my favorite part of Christmas Day, truly- hearing everyone laughing their heads off at the silliest stuff that no one else would understand. Every time I start to tackle the pile, someone is crying or fighting or throwing up. Please, Lord... help this mama out!

The baking... and there are holiday treats yet to be made! Last week, I made White Trash and toffee. This week, my yet-to-make list included: Sugar Cookies (to be decorated), Buckeyes, Chex Mix, and then Spanakopita and Sausage Balls to be enjoyed on Christmas Day. My husband makes the most amazing cinnamon rolls, and makes a double batch for our extended family to enjoy on Christmas morning, a batch for us to take to the beach on our Christmas vacation, and also makes a couple of batches to parcel out as gifts to friends.

Rehearsals... because our family is heavily involved in the music ministry of our beloved church, we're all involved in bringing music before our Tiny Savior on Christmas Eve. My husband will lead and play with his brass group at the 8 pm service, and my mom and my in-laws will all be singing with the choir. At the earlier 5 pm service, I'll sing the last solo before the service begins. My son, mother, and grandmother-in-law will all play handbells together, too! We'll all have rehearsal times this week that will have to be squeezed in with everything else going on.

Youth stuff... my son had an awesome time at his first youth group Christmas party on Sunday night. In fact, it was his first party, and his cousin's last- as he's in high school and will graduate this spring. Connor drove B to the party and brought him home. My heart could hardly stand it because those two boys are growing up so fast. They've had such a special bond from the time B was born. Connor has always made time for his cousin, and for him to offer to drive B to the party just absolutely made B's day, and I know it had to have felt so cool! The youth have an outing in Charlotte this week that'll give them a day of fun! B is looking forward to it.

Visiting friends... and I can't wait! This week is always busy, but one of the things I most look forward to is seeing my friends! My bestie will be in town later this week, and I am just bursting with excitement to see her. I'll swing by friends' houses to deliver Christmas goodies here in town, and it'll give my heart a burst of joy to see their beautiful smiles.

Packing... because no week leading up to Christmas would be complete without packing for a trip. I'm trying to stay on top of laundry so I can start packing for our beach trip (our annual Christmas tradition is to go to the beach with my family the day after Christmas). Now, where did I put everyone's bathing suits?

Jesus. In the early morning hours when it's still very dark outside, and the house is quiet, I sit in my armchair with hot coffee and read my daily Advent devotions. It's my time to connect my heart and my head and be still in the presence of the Lord. It's such a busy time, a busy season, and this week in particular is chaotic. As a mom, I try to put myself in Mary's shoes, taking in the Christmas story from her perspective. I sing BREATH OF HEAVEN to myself over and over again but decline to sing it for others because, in all honesty, it makes me very emotional. 'In a world as cold as stone, must I walk this path alone? Help me be strong. Help me be. Help me.' - These words must be every mother's cry and prayer, I know they have been my own.

Busy. So busy. I know I'm not alone in the rushing, the last-minute dash to the store to buy a gift or replace a stocking, and making sure everyone has their Christmas Eve outfits picked out. It takes a lot to make Christmas feel 'right' and 'normal' due to all of the traditions we've started or inherited. Christmas comes whether we're ready or not, so why not take a little time to prepare, make room, and wait with hope? We'll still feel like we're busy all week, but once we're all tucked in on Christmas Eve, I know a sense of peace will wash over us as we smile at the birth of our Savior- the one we've waited for in the midst of the chaos.

My prayer is that you find peace leading into Christmas, no matter how busy life becomes.

Wishing you peace and joy!

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