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Keep Track of Your Family's Health This Holiday Season With MOBI!

Thank you to MOBI Technologies for providing me with these products for review! All opinions are 100% my own.

As a mom of two small children, I always become very anxious when my little ones get sick. Last year, my two seemed to continuously stay unwell from August to February. Being that both of them go to school, they were exposed to ALL of the germs that tiny humans carry. Virus after virus flooded our home and my stress levels went through the roof as I checked temperatures and administered fever reducers at intervals on the dot. At its highest, my daughter's temperature went to 105.3 degrees F and I was ready to rush her to the emergency room if I couldn't get it down. 

Luckily, this year has been so much better for us and my precious babes have seemed to build up an immunity to most of the nasty sicknesses that spread like wildfire this time of year. When I was offered to try Smart Technology from MOBI, I jumped on the opportunity so I could be better prepared to keep track of my family's health this cold and flu season.

Although I (thankfully) have not needed to use these awesome products in a time of distress or sickness, I am armed and ready to keep track of my family's health and safety with these three amazing products!

First up, is MOBI's compact DualScan Bluetooth Thermometer. With both forehead and ear reading methods, it is ideal for home use. For accuracy, this thermometer has adult and infant modes. The color changing fever indicator and LCD screen makes it so easy to check temperatures whenever, and wherever, you need to. My favorite feature is that it can record, track, sync, and share temperatures on your smartphone using MOBI's free app and Bluetooth technology. We often communicate with our doctor through MyChart. This feature makes it so easy to share with our healthcare professionals to get a better overview of what is going on and help with diagnosis. The MOBI app also allows multiple user profiles to track each family member's temperatures separately. 

The second product that I received is the smart wireless Wi-Fi otoscope. The otoscope views your inner ear, nose, and throat in High Definition. Like the thermometer, it pairs with MOBI's free app and has the ability to record, track, sync, and share HD images & videos healthcare professionals to help diagnose illness or injury.

My elderly grandparents live an hour away and my grandma has had some health issues over the past couple of years. The ambulance has had to come out a couple of times due to her passing out and ending up on the floor, unable to get up. Although the third featured product isn't one I will personally use, it has given me a peace of mind about my grandparents living on their own. MOBI's Smart Emergency Alert Button allows loved ones to be alerted in the case of an emergency and, if necessary, alerts emergency services to come to their aid. This button can also be paired with other smart accessories by MOBI, such as their cameras and sensors, for more comprehensive in-home monitoring. 

With such a wide variety of products, MOBI Technologies is a leading manufacturer of reliable connected technologies at affordable prices. These products are offered on their website as well as many well-known retailers across the nation. 

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