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Indulge in Delectable Hot Chocolate Bombs With the Crazy Cups DIY Kit


Thanks to Crazy Cups for sending this kit and hot chocolate samples in exchange for a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Chocolate drinks have existed since the Mayan civilization of 500 B.C. Over the centuries, various cultures have developed their own cold and hot chocolate drinks, with much success. For many of us, it would not be the holiday season without this delicious warm drink to indulge in next to a Christmas Tree, while reading or watching a good Christmas story. 

Sometime in recent years (perhaps 2019 or 2020), the idea developed to create hot chocolate bombs. Hallow chocolate spheres filled with hot chocolate are delectable to melt with hot milk or hot cream! (Of course, there are various ways to make hot chocolate if you are dairy free!). This exploded into a wonderful holiday gift idea that people crave! 

This holiday season, Crazy Cups has a Total Indulgence DIY hot chocolate bomb kit.  The kit can make 12 hot chocolate bombs and even comes with marshmallows and sprinkles! 

The kit contains: 

● 2 non-stick, dishwasher-and-microwave-safe silicone molds
● 1 bag of melting chocolate
● 4 hot chocolate packets
● Festive sprinkles
● Edible party confetti
● Mini marshmallows
● Pink Chocolate drizzle
● An iridescent dipping spoon

This kit can be a great gift for anyone who loves being creative in the kitchen. No matter whether it's a child or adult, anyone can make these easy delectable treats! In fact, this would make a great family activity to do on one of those cold rainy days when you need something to occupy the time. 

Now, if you are hankering to be creative in your own gifts but don't want to purchase everything separately, this would be an amazing way to make 12 gifts for hosts, secret Santa, or any type of holiday party! 

The chocolate bombs, while they can seem intimidating, are really easy to make. Melting chocolate isn't a difficult process, but at the same time, leaving chocolate in the microwave can burn it, so be sure to follow instructions! Once the chocolate melts, it should be smooth and pourable. This means no clumps but also don't overheat. 

The tricky part will be coating the molds properly. The spoon will help ensure the chocolate is spread evenly across the molds. Don't let it pool too much in the center, otherwise the chocolate circle will be thin in one place and thick in others. 

Taking chocolate out of the mold is a process too. The desire to go fast and be excited will tempt the need to go slow and steady. Ensure that the chocolate has properly set in the fridge (or even freezer, if you live in a warm humid climate), before trying to remove from molds. The molds are bendable and flexible, which will help. 

Playing matchmaker to empty shells and shells with hot chocolate in them will be interesting and potentially difficult. Don't melt the half shelves too much, otherwise the sphere's won't hold their shape. Holding the shells together while they set is a must too! If you let go too early, the two halves might not properly adhere. 

The fun part will be adding the drizzle, sprinkles, etc. One thing I'll note, that I've learned over the years, is that sprinkles will not stay on set chocolate. If you want sprinkles in the hot chocolate bombs, without using the pink drizzle as a "glue", then sprinkle your mold in advance of placing/pouring the chocolate. This is totally a preference, so it's not in the instructions. 

Finally, when gifting or using the chocolate bombs, be sure to instruct the recipient to use piping hot water, milk, or whatever they need to doctor up their drink! 

If making all this seems like too much work for you, never fear, because Crazy Cups has all sorts of goodies for you! Try out their Total Indulgence variety pack. A 44 count of 5 flavors will definitely please your palate and hopefully last through the holiday season! 

These would make a great stocking stuffer gift as well.

Classic Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, Creamy Vanilla Cappuccino, Sweet Caramel Cappuccino, and a Rich Hazelnut Cappuccino will deliver powerful flavors that you can add to coffees or use stand alone. While they are kosher and caffeine free, these mixes are not organic, dairy-free, or sugar-free. 

I'm particularly found of regular chocolate and dark chocolate, but the other 3 flavors are great to add to your favorite ingredients for a Latte, Mocha, or other amazing treat. 

These are instant mixes, so just add 6 oz of hot water or milk! I think these mixes could even be used in a traditional filter machine if you need to make more than one cup. Be creative and even use your hot chocolate/ cappuccino packets in baking. Hazelnut pancakes, anyone?  

Crazy Cups also offers single cup brews for various coffee, hot chocolate, and tea flavors that your taste buds can dream about. These are meant for the pod style brewer or K- cup machine and not traditional filtered machines. 

Many thanks to Crazy Cups for being featured in the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to MBP to learn more about our great holiday gift selections this season! 

Want it? Get it!

The Crazy Cups Hot Chocolate Bomb kit has everything you need to make some great holiday gifts! 

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How do you make your hot chocolate?

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