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How to Care for Ornamental Trees Year-Round

 If you are looking for a way to spruce up your garden with beautiful foliage and unique designs, then ornamental trees could be just what you need. These plants will provide a pop of colour during all four seasons, and they can also add privacy and shade if used correctly. 

And thanks to their growth rate, it is easy to find low-maintenance varieties that stay healthy throughout the year with minimal care and feeding. Many a wide variety of these ornamental trees can be found at Gardeners Dream.

In this post, we will also provide tips on caring for these trees to keep them looking their best year-round.

Caring for Ornamental Trees

If you want your ornamental trees to look their best year-round, you must provide them with proper planting conditions and ongoing care and maintenance. Here are some simple tips on how to keep them healthy:

Plant Them in a Sunny Area – Ornamentals need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight to grow and thrive. If you plant them in areas that don't get as much sun, they will be more susceptible to diseases or pest infestations. Consider placing your trees near the edges of your lawn or garden, so they receive plenty of light throughout the day. You can also create shade with tall hedges or shrubs if you prefer to place your tree elsewhere.

Water Regularly – During dry months, you must water your ornamentals regularly for them to remain healthy. Do not wait until the ground is dry before watering because this may damage their roots and make them less likely to thrive. You can use a hose or an irrigation system to provide the proper amount of water each time, and you will need to increase the frequency during peak growing seasons.

Apply Fertiliser – If your ornamentals aren't producing as much foliage as they should be, their soil may lack nutrients. Consider applying fertiliser about twice yearly to help them grow quickly and remain healthy throughout all four seasons. Pay attention to plants starting to yellow or fade in colour because this may be an early sign of nutrient deficiency.

If you have further questions on how to care for ornamental trees throughout the year, then consult with a local professional specialising in this type of gardening. They can offer advice on how to protect your trees from diseases or infestations, and they may also be able to suggest specific fertilisers or watering schedules based on the type of tree that you have.


Whether you want something small and compact or tall and large, there are plenty of ornamental tree options to choose from. Keep the above tips and considerations in mind when selecting an appropriate type for your garden, and you will find it easy to grow healthy and beautiful trees in no time!

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