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Give the Gift of Supple Skin with Jojoba Love Soothing Face, Lip, and Body Butter from Red Pantz


Thank you to Red Pantz for being a part of our Holiday Gift Guide. The opinions within are 100% my own.

Looking for a great gift or stocking stuffer? Hydrate and nourish with Jojoba Love for soft, silky skin.

One butter, so many uses! Great for your face, lips, hands, feet and body. Yes, even for your elbows and heels. This vitamin-rich moisturizer melts like butter. Feel your skin come alive with luscious hydration for a silkier texture. Soften and soothe skin with shea butter. Protect and restore with mango butter. Nourish and balance with lavender, rose and jojoba oils.

Jojoba oil is a lighter oil and brings vitamin B-complex to the original formula, a helpful addition for sensitive skin, wound and cut healing. Known as a non-comedogenic oil, it also helps regulate sebum production because it's similar to your body naturally produces.

Let your skin indulge in vitamins A, B, C, D, E, F, minerals and acids to help moisturize, balance, repair, brighten, soothe and soften it. Vitamin A helps against skin image due to UV exposure, and along with vitamin C, it helps support collagen and elastin production. Vitamin C is known for its anti-oxidant qualities, and helps brighten and even out skin tone. Vitamin E helps boost circulation, lock in moisture and aids in the repair of scarred and blemished skin.

I love how supple my lips and skin feel with Jojoba Love Face, Lip, and Body Butter! It is so rich and thick, a little goes a long way. Combine it with a gentle massage. It helps your makeup or lipstick to go on more easily, and better too. My daughter loves to use it on her elbows as they get pretty rough this time of year. I use it on my hands and lips. Though I love the way it feels...its scent is my favorite part! It is such a peaceful scent and helps me relax.

Want it? Get it!

Check out their variety of items to help balance your body, mind, and senses, ways to use food as medicine, be able to sleep better, and get more energy naturally and purchase for everyone from your gift list on their website!

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