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Dec 31st Brings the Year 2022 to an End...Let's Reflect on the Year, and Set Goals in Preparation for 2023

It is time to say goodbye to 2022 and welcome the year 2023. I always find this is a great way to reflect on the year you've had and perhaps create some goals, not resolutions, for the coming year. 

Last year, my family created a goal list for 2022. We reflected on 2021 and discussed what we wanted for the new year. We then turned it into a Vision Board and posted it in our dining room as a reminder of our goals. I am happy to say that we accomplished 9 out of the 12 goals we set. I feel like that is a win even if we didn't get them all. It was fun to set them together with our kids and have conversations about the goals throughout the year, revisiting our whys behind the goals.

So...here are some questions to help you reflect on 2022 followed by some questions to ask as you set goals for 2023.




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