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Coalatree's Baseline Midlayer Performance Wear Jacket Will Keep You Warm This Holiday Season

Coalatree designs eco-minded gear and apparel for the adventurer in everyone, from athletes and photographers to your average city folks and weekend warriors. It’s Coalatree’s passion to bring elements of the outdoors and the city life together.

Coalatree started out as a self-sustaining organic farm in Colorado. The farm focused around a "reap what you sow" mentality, and integrated sustainable practices with quality products. Wanting to create their own workwear, they first launched a line of clothing in 2010, and have continued on to the outdoor industry, all while maintaining their roots in sustainably produced goods. 

Unlike most performance-wear fleece, Coalatree's baseline does not shed micro plastics when washed. This keeps the water systems free of waste while keeping you warm. Not only can it stuff into its own pocket, but it also has a carabiner loop, making it easy to attach to any bag.

The pick-pocket proof, hidden and secure pockets keeps your valuables safe. They use a waterless dye system that saves thousands of gallons of water throughout production. Not only does the Baseline keep you warm, but the honeycomb fabric is durable enough to hold its shape and softness for years to come. Coalatree’s unique fabric is made with coffee, which gives the Baseline many non-chemically added features. Finally, it has a layer that doesn't hold onto smells. Because it’s made with coffee, the Baseline fabric doesn't keep smells like other performance wear. It also has a full zip layer that is stain resistant and repels water but also is lightweight and breathable enough to be used every day.

I love how thin, but warm it is! I can throw it on and do anything from hiking to grocery shopping. It is fashionable and trendy too. My favorite parts are the thumb holes on the sleeves so it’s like wearing fingerless gloves and the deep and hidden pockets to store anything you might need. It comes in four different colors: gold, green, brick, and charcoal, so you can find the color that suits you best.

Want it? Get it!

Check out Coalatree's Baseline Midlayer Jacket and everything else they offer on their website!

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