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Chums Eyewear Retainers & Pouches: Gifts For Outdoor Enthusiasts


Many thanks to Chums for sending over these great products in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Greatly loved gifts don't always have to be large grand expensive items. Sometimes, smaller inexpensive gifts are the best, especially if they are ultra-useful to the recipient. This holiday season, check out affordable accessories from Chums

Chums is a family-owned and operated company that is dedicated to providing quality accessories for our outdoor adventures. From eyewear retainers to waterproof safe bags, these accessories will make the best holiday gift this season! 

Chums accessories have a great purpose behind them: to protect your gear from being lost, especially to the depths of the river, ocean, or even the lawn-mower! 

Losing your favorite pair of sunglasses is no more with Chums eyewear retainers. Retainers are available in lots of colors and materials. Cotton, neoprene, silicone, and even beads will all attach to your sunglasses to keep them safely over your eyes.. or at least around your neck! Created because inventor Mike Taggert was tired of seeing his white water rafting customers lose their glasses to the river,

If you are on the water a lot (boating, swimming, canoeing/ kayaking), you might want to invest in a Floating Neo retainer. These silicone retainers will float eyewear that weighs less than 35G. The Floating Neo slips over temple tips, the pieces that sit behind our ears. 

I will caution: make sure the tips of your sunglasses are fully inserted into the band's tips. Otherwise, you will end up like the picture above! We wouldn't want this at all when you are out on the water!

The band wraps around the head snugly to prevent your glasses from ending up at the bottom of the ocean. If they do happen to come off for some reason, the Neo is bright enough to be visible! Currently, there are three neon colors (Orange, Green, and Yellow) plus black. 

Now that your glasses are secure on your person, next up, protect one of the most valuable pieces of tech you own: your cell phone! We all have had those cell phone accidents by now. Instead of watching your phone fall to its death while sitting on the edge of the dock, get a Chum Glow Phone pouch to protect it! Glow Phone pouches are clear dry bags that contain a waterproof lock seal to keep the moisture out and the tech free and clear! 

The Glow Phone Pouch is large enough to hold even plus-sized phones up to  6.5" x 3.25" (dimensions include device case). The Glow strip on the pouch helps provide extra visibility, which is great for those dark moments in life. The Glow Phone Pouch acts like a dry bag but still allows for touch screen capability on your phone.  

My Samsung S22 fits well, including its otter box case, inside this glow pouch. Definitely take note of phone measurements, including your case, before purchasing though. 

These would make perfect pouches for a day on the lake, hanging out at the pool, or out at the water park. Campers, Boaters, and Adventurers alike could all use a Glow Phone pouch! Glow pouches could also be useful for anything outdoors, as the Glow strip will help you find your phone easily in the dark.

From backyard bbq's to night concerts, this waterproof dry bag will definitely keep your phone safe- and keep your mind free of worry! I love how it comes with a wrist strap too, to help you hold onto it and carry it even better. 

Glow pouches have a lock mechanism at the top. The two parts of the Glow bag connect, then lock-which keeps out water, moisture, sand, etc! The phone is still useable while in the bag, but it probably will depend on your phone's style whether you can access side buttons, swipe up/down, etc. My touchscreen works pretty well through the bag, but honestly, if I'm adventuring, I'm probably not going to have it out too much. Maybe a photo here and there!

Even if you are not an avid outdoors adventurer, Chums products can still come in handy. I spent Thanksgiving Day with some friends and set my sunglasses down in one of their rooms. It was dark when I left, rainy the next day, so it took 2 days before I realized it! Luckily, I knew the brand, and they found them rather quickly, but I could have saved that trouble if I had a Chums retainer on my glasses. Instead of setting them down, they could have been around my neck! 

One tagline I've seen on the Chums website is to "Never lose your sunglasses again". I've talked a lot about the water because I live in coastal NC, but for all you winter warriors, Chums products would be great for the snow as well! Keeping your sunglasses & sun goggles are definitely a must on the slopes, on the trail, sledding, and ice-skating too! Chums are great for the guys in your life too, especially the boating, fishing, kayaking, whitewater rafting kind of guy! They will appreciate this gift that will protect their sunglasses and valuables next time they are out on the water! 

Protecting your phones, ID's, and even keys are a definite must along with sunglasses! This holiday season, grab a Chums accessory to be worry-free on your next adventure! 

Thanks to Chums for being featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more great gift ideas, check out our team's selections over on MBP!

Want it? Get it!

Purchase a pair of Floating Neo's, the Glow Phone Pouch, or just a regular pair of Chums retainers for a great stocking stuffer gift this holiday season!

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