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After Christmas Traditions


Hi, friends! Have you recovered from Christmas? I ask because I know that the days leading up to Christmas, and Christmas Day can be so busy for everyone. They certainly were for my family. The week leading into Christmas brought a yucky cold to our household, giving our sweet Beanie girl an ear infection. I managed to avoid catching the cold, but everyone else succumbed to it, making it tough for us to do any last-minute things before Christmas Day.

We still managed to have a baking afternoon where I made spanakopita and sausage balls with my husband. We visited with my bestie on Friday, and made cookies and cinnamon rolls, and braved the arctic wind and icy cold temperatures. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were a whirlwind of church, friends, family, exchanging gifts, laughing together, and enjoying good food.

Now that we're past Christmas Day, my family and I are enjoying our annual trip to North Myrtle Beach. We go there every year after Christmas with my parents, and my sister and brother-in-law. After this very strange (for us) year, I think this is probably the most we've ever looked forward to going. It's a week of old standards for us- shopping at the outlet malls, taking in a show, freezing our tails off as we walk along the water's edge on the beach. We usually stay up and play cards, enjoying a spread of crackers and cheeses, and indulging in a glass or two of wine.

There's a lot to do at the beach, even in the winter. We'll dine out, play mini golf, and visit an attraction like Ripley's Aquarium. Maybe we'll hit up the winery or tour the botanical gardens. Maybe this will be the year we trek down to Charleston for a day trip, which we always talk about but never follow through on. We'll visit our favorite shops like Klig's Kites, The Christmas Mouse, and It's Sugar. If my husband gets his way, we'll stop at Taco Mundo for lunch one afternoon.

At the resort, we'll enjoy play time in the arcade, swimming in the heated pools, relaxing in the hot tub, sitting by the beautiful fire pit near the beach, and walking the grounds. My dad will treat us all to a beverage from the resort bar which overlooks the ocean, and we'll sit around and talk about dreams of retiring to the beach or the mountains.

Before we head home, we'll gather at Dino's for breakfast- which is what I think my kids love and remember the most. We'll part ways and head back to RoCo to unpack before we have to say our final goodbyes to our Oklahoma travel companions. In some ways, it'll feel like the same old thing, but it's something we look forward to, and something familiar. After this absolutely bizarre year, where I've felt like I've been living in the Twilight Zone, I'll gladly take old and familiar.

What are some of your after-Christmas traditions?

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