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4 Signs You Should Replace Your Old Windows



A replacement window installation is a great way to improve the look and energy efficiency of your home. We'll take care of everything from start to finish, including removing your old windows and installing new ones. If you're looking for a new way to improve your home look at Replacement Window Installation in Walpole.

You can feel cold drafts in the winter

If you notice cold drafts in your home, it may be time to replace your windows. Particularly, look into getting some UPVC double glazed windows.

Windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss in a home and often let in more than just air. Drafts can cause mold and mildew around the window frames, which can lead to allergic reactions in people with respiratory problems like asthma or allergies. In addition to causing health issues, it’s also possible that condensation will form on windows that have been left open during winter months when temperatures fall below freezing outside. This moisture could lead to mold growing inside your home or even damage wooden window frames over time if not taken care of properly!

Your windows fog up

You've just stepped out of the shower and are ready to head out the door when you notice that your windows are fogged up. What is going on?

The answer: is condensation. Condensation is water vapor that collects on the inside of glass surfaces as it cools down. It can be caused by various factors, including humidity, temperature changes, and even nearby sources of heat (like your hot shower). In addition to making everything look blurry, it can also lead to mold growth or mildew buildup if left untreated for too long—which isn't ideal!

To prevent this from happening in future situations:

  • Make sure you have enough ventilation in your home; if there aren't any windows with open screens nearby (or even an actual window), consider opening an exterior door for a few minutes before heading back into the bathroom after getting out of bed each morning so that hot air has time to escape from the room

  • Consider installing an exhaust fan over your sink so that steam doesn't build up too much before escaping through another window

Your windows are hard to open and close

  • If your windows are hard to open and close, then it's likely time to replace them.

  • Windows can become stuck over time from constant use or water damage. Insects also pose a threat if they come inside through the window while it is open, causing the screens to become damaged and not work properly.

  • The first thing you should do when dealing with a stuck window determines whether or not there is any damage that needs fixing before replacing it entirely. If the window is just stuck because of dirt buildup, try cleaning up around where the frame meets the sill with an old toothbrush and some soapy water (or vinegar if your windows are particularly dirty). You may be able to remove all of this extra dirt with either solution, allowing your windows to open smoothly again without needing replacement entirely!

Your home never seems to get warm enough

You're probably not getting the most out of your heating system. If you're always cold and can't control the temperature in your home, it's time to replace your windows.

Here are three ways you can tell if you have drafty windows:

  • Check for drafts that can be felt on bare skin or by blowing on the window with a piece of paper in front of it. The paper should move easily when there is no draft and more slowly when there is one present to detect how much air comes through the space between panes and sashes. This test is helpful because it indicates whether or not heat loss is occurring due to air infiltration rather than conduction through the glass alone, which occurs regardless of whether there are any cracks or other defects present within a window assembly itself (and thus indicative only of broken seals).

  • Check for condensation on interior surfaces near where condensation forms outside during cold weather conditions (overhanging eaves, etc.). This type of moisture buildup indicates that warm interior air has been cooled off too quickly by contact with cooler surfaces outside; often this happens when cold winter winds blow across open areas between panes instead of being blocked by properly installed storm windows like those found at NorthStar Exteriors Inc.

Getting new windows can make your home cozier and safer.

New windows can improve the comfort of your home in all seasons.

In the winter, they reduce drafts and condensation. In the summer, they offer better insulation and ventilation. And year-round, they increase your home's energy efficiency.

  • They'll keep you warmer in winter—and cooler in summer! You'll save on heating or cooling bills because your windows will have a lower U-value (or thermal resistance).

  • In addition to helping you save money on energy costs, new windows can also make your house safer for firefighters during fire emergencies by reducing smoke and heat buildup inside your house. This is especially important if you have pets or children who may not be able to get out quickly during an emergency such as a fire or natural disaster like a hurricane or tornado sweeping through town.


If your windows are old and drafty, you might think it’s time to replace them. And if you live in a cold climate, then that’s true! But if you live anywhere else and want to keep the convenience of opening your doors or adding more light into your home, then new windows might be the right choice for you too. After all, they come in many different styles and sizes with materials ranging from wood or vinyl siding to metal frames with glass panels—so there are plenty of options out there for everyone looking for a little extra warmth without sacrificing style.

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