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View Holiday Sparkle Clearer With Kaenon Sunglasses

Thanks to Kaenon for sending a pair of sunglasses over in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

For most folks, sunglasses are an accessory that might only be used in the hot summer months. For me, sunglasses are a way of life. That may sound strange to some, but most people in my life know that I typically have a pair of sunglasses on my person. In fact, I usually have more than one pair available in case a pair of sunglasses breaks. 

I like to invest in a quality pair of glasses for day- to- day life. Cheap sunglasses do not protect against glare, often break easily, and get damaged so easily from outdoor elements, like sand! Polarized sunglasses are an absolute must in my life as well. Polarized lenses usually have special chemicals in them to help filter light, which in return, prevents glare. 

No matter whether it's 100 in the middle of the summer, or 33 with that frigid wind, sunglasses protect my eyes. My eyes hate the sun's intense rays, even though the rest of my body loves the warmth. During allergy seasons, my eyes can swell up due to pollen swirling around, and sunglasses help protect just a bit. I even wear sunglasses on cloudy rainy days to help prevent glare while driving! So yea, for me, sunglasses are certainly a way of life. 

My eyes and my fashion sense absolutely love Kaenon's line of glasses for men and women. These are polarized glasses made especially for outside life. The lenses are constructed with quality products from Japan, making them the best SR-91 and SR-91 Ultra lenses available. 

The first thing I noticed is how CLEAR these lenses are! Usually, sunglasses dim vision because of the quality of the lenses, but not with Kaenon! Frames are either made in Italy or Japan, depending on the style, and the material is very quality driven and constructed well. 

SR- 91 stands for Superior Resolution, with 9 elements in 1 lens. They are lightweight but strong enough to handle resistance. The lenses are made with extra protections to provide shatterproof resistance that prevents abrasions from oils, dirt, and other climate issues. 

I was sent a pair of the Venice Polarized Sunglasses in Matte Tortoise. These sunglasses are designed to fit medium to large faces. They have a brown tint to the lens, which is great for outdoor adventures such as hiking, cycling, sailing/ boating, and even mountaineering, if you are brave enough to climb up the side of the mountain. 

I generally choose larger frames that cover my eyes more than a smaller pair of glasses. This helps when the sun is super bright, my eyes hate allergy season, and I just need to be able to see without squinting. These frames hit the mark for all those things and I love them! The Venice comes in several other patterns and lens colors for various outdoor activities as well. 

I wore these on a couple of incredibly bright sunny days and on a couple of cloudy day. I wore them both during the day and when dusk starts to set in around here so that I could get a good feel of how they are. I haven't participated in any major outdoor activities, but based on driving, walking, and general daily life, these are great sunglasses!

The polarization is amazing and helps prevent all sorts of glares that come with being outside. From traffic, to the setting sun, my eyes were well protected in these sunglasses! The frames are great on my face as they don't slip off at all. Now, they won't stay on my head, so I'll need to invest in a good pair of accessories to help loss prevention when I'm out and about during festivals, etc. 

The glasses come with a protective bag, which I wish was a hard case, as I'd like more protection in my tote bag, but for those on the go with outdoor life, the bag makes sense. Kaenon also offers a lifetime warranty on all of their glasses, with limitations as described

This holiday season, put a pair of Kaenon sunglasses under the tree for you and your loved one. You will love how the glasses are so stylish, how they are so resistant to scratches and other abrasions, and will protect your eyes so that you can see better and do what you love doing even more. 

No matter whether you are out on the water or at the ski lodge, Kaenon will protect your eyes, prevent glare, and help you to visibly see better! 

We are thankful that Kaenon sunglasses are a part of our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more great gift ideas, head over to MBP to see our team selections. 

Want it? Get it!

Grab a pair of the Kaenon Venice Polarized Sunglasses before your next outdoor adventure! Currently, Kaenon is offering Black Friday specials and free shipping, so be sure to check it out before the deals are gone. 

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