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Uses, Cautions, and Aftercare for Infrared Saunas

 If you're considering an infrared sauna, you'll want to know about the many benefits as well as the potential dangers. Infrared saunas have been used for centuries to improve health, and there is a lot of research that supports their use. 


However, there are some cautions that need to be taken into account before using an infrared sauna. In this blog post, we will discuss the different uses for infrared saunas, the cautions that need to be taken, and how to care for your infrared sauna after purchase.


What Is an Infrared Sauna Used For?


Infrared saunas work by emitting infrared light waves that penetrate the body, causing it to sweat. This sweating helps to detoxify the body, improve circulation, and relieve pain. Infrared saunas are often used to help with the following conditions:


1. Detoxification

Infrared saunas can help the body to sweat out toxins that have built up over time. This can help to improve overall health and well-being. Plus, sweating can help to cleanse the skin and eliminate toxins from the pores.


2. Weight Loss

Infrared saunas can help promote weight loss by causing your body to burn more calories. A single session in an infrared sauna has been shown to burn up to 600 calories, which is the equivalent of running for 30 minutes. Additionally, regular use of an infrared sauna can help increase your metabolism and reduce cellulite.


3. Relaxation

Using an infrared sauna can also be a great way to relax. The heat from the infrared sauna can help to loosen up your muscles and ease tension in your body. The relaxation benefits of using an infrared sauna can also help to improve your sleep quality.


4. Pain Relief

Another popular use for infrared saunas is pain relief. The heat can help to increase blood circulation and loosen tight muscles. This can be a great way to find relief from conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, and even menstrual cramps.

If you are using an infrared sauna for pain relief, it is important to start slowly. You may only be able to tolerate a few minutes of heat at first. As your body gets used to the heat, you can gradually increase the time you spend in the sauna.


5. Skin Purification

Skin purification is another one of the many benefits of infrared saunas. The heat produced by infrared saunas can help to open up pores and remove impurities from the skin. This can help to improve the appearance of the skin and make it feel softer and smoother. This is beneficial for people who want to improve the condition of their skin, such as those with acne or eczema.


6. Cardiovascular Health

Infrared saunas can help improve people's cardiovascular health because they can help improve circulation and lower blood pressure. When people use infrared saunas, their heart rates also increase, which is good for overall cardiovascular health.


People with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular problems should always check with their doctor before using an infrared sauna. This way, the doctor can monitor the person's condition and make sure that using an infrared sauna is safe for them.




As with any type of sauna, a few cautions should be taken when using an infrared sauna. It is important to drink plenty of water before and after using an infrared sauna, as this will help to prevent dehydration. If you have any medical conditions, it is advisable to consult your doctor before using an infrared sauna. Pregnant women and young children should not use infrared saunas.


You must also take care not to overheat in an infrared sauna. The recommended time to stay in an infrared sauna is 20-30 minutes, and the temperature should not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If you experience any discomfort while using an infrared sauna, such as nausea or dizziness, you should immediately leave the sauna and consult your doctor.




There are dos and don'ts that should be followed after an infrared sauna session. Let us explore them below:


1. Drink plenty of fluids: It is very important to drink lots of water or fluids rich in electrolytes after a sauna session. This will help replenish the fluids lost during sweating and also prevent dehydration. After all, an infrared sauna will make you sweat a lot!


2. Eat a nutritious meal: Eating a healthy and balanced meal after a sauna session will help replenish the nutrients lost during sweating.


3. Get some rest: It is important to get some rest after a sauna session. This will help your body recover from the stress of the heat and also prevent dizziness or fainting.




1. Do not take a cold shower immediately after a sauna session: Taking a cold shower immediately after a sauna session can cause shock to your body. It is best to wait for a few minutes before taking a shower.


2. Do not drink alcohol: Drinking alcohol after a sauna session can dehydrate your body and also interfere with the detoxification process. Plus, it can be dangerous to combine alcohol and heat.


3. Do not stay in the sauna for too long: It is important to limit your sauna session to no more than 20 minutes. Staying in the sauna for too long can be dangerous and cause dehydration, dizziness, or fainting.


Infrared saunas offer many benefits, but it is important to follow the dos and don'ts of aftercare to enjoy these benefits safely. Always consult with a doctor before using an infrared sauna, especially if you have any medical conditions. This way, you can be sure that using an infrared sauna is safe for you.




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