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Thankful for Thanksgiving Invitations


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Do you remember the Friends episode "The One With All The Thanksgivings". The entire episode flashes back over the thanksgivings of years past and how the group met each other and became friends. 

From Joey's head stuck in a turkey, to the football game, to Monica's insistence that thanksgiving be done right, one thing was clear in Friends.. they stuck by each other through it all and invited each other (and sometimes other strangers) into their lives. 

Turkey Day will be quickly upon us. Stressing out about the perfect meal, the decor, and family antics doesn't mean anything unless you are thankful for those at your table. Have you thought about who actually is at your table? Who receives your extended Thanksgiving to come join your group this holiday season?

Due to work logistics and timing, I've often not been with my blood relatives for Thanksgiving and Christmas Day, Thanksgiving often falls right before the craze of Advent, and I'm exhausted on Christmas Day and typically don't want to travel. 

I'm thankful for those who have invited me into their homes over the years. Those who have offered me a place at their table, full of food, conversation, and laughter. For those who have welcomed me just like I'm another member of the family. I'm thankful for those that have reached out, left holiday goodies, sent me home with way more leftovers than I actually need, and make sure I have a seat at someone's table. This year, so far I've been invited to two tables and will need to see if I can manage both, or politely decline one. 

Those are little random acts of kindness that go a long way. This week, while you are prepping, hustling about either packing or hosting, make sure those around you are taken care of. 

Even if you can't physically invite them to your table due to family logistics, you might be able to connect them with someone else, or secure a gift card/ meal delivery from a nearby restaurant, or just bring some leftovers back with you. These things go a long way when you are thankful for the people in your life!

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