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Support & Connect With Communities Across the World With Pure Origin Coffee


Thanks to Pure Origins for sending over coffee beans in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own.

The entire holiday season is all about sharing love with community, family, and friends. What if you shared loved with and supported someone you didn't even know? With Pure Origin coffee, you will not only have a great cup of morning caffeine, but you will be contributing towards the sustainability and better practices of coffee farms across the world. 

Did you know that coffee growers are one of the most exploited vocations across the world? From labor enslavement to unethical and unsustainable farming practices, a single coffee bean has a lot of drama behind it. 

Pure Origin supports the small family farm (versus wealthy business owners), equal opportunities for women, clean water initiatives, and much more! 

Coffee beans come from six areas: Peru, Indonesia, Columbia, Honduras, the Congo, and Kenya. We are offered connection to the communities our coffee arrives from via Augmented Reality Stories directly from our phones. Our camera phone's ability to read QR codes will direct us to the farm that our package arrives from!

I think this is an amazing and awesome way to connect to the farmers, growers, and communities that support coffee beans from a seed all the way to the cup of joe we drink on Monday mornings. We have this way to connect to people and hear their stories that we never have had in the past. These stories are important, because knowing what they face, what they do, what they need helps us to grow closer together, regardless of distance. 

A Colombia Coffee is from the Huila Region of southern Colombia and is curated by women from Las Rosas. This is a farming project created, developed, and sustained all by 300+ women.  These women traditionally have come from male-dominated backgrounds and are now coffee farmers and owners themselves. Those are a part of Las Rosas are committed to bettering themselves, their families, and sustainable/ economic business practices so that generations to come will have amazing opportunities for growth 

Marisol shares that the coffee from Las Rosas in Colombia allows 300 women to give their children opportunities for education that they never have. Education is so important to improve quality of life and I highly value Pure Origins for being committed to help others receive education. Pure Origins helps provide them with funding to complete all these things: from how to care for a coffee plant, appropriate harvesting patterns, financial security, and even gender equity. 

The Kenya Coffee is a light roast with wine notes. We hear from Evah, who is an advocate for helping women in her community be screened and treat cervical cancer. Grounds for Health, the Kenya coffee project, has helped screen over 124, 641 women who wouldn't otherwise have opportunity for healthcare. Funding provides medical care, training of medical staff, and treatment programs. 70% of the workforce that picks coffee is women!

This particular Indonesian Coffee is a dark roast with notes of chocolate. The project, KSU. Item Reye Gayo, has helped teach over 1400 farmers about sustainable agriculture, production practices, and better accessibility to tools needed to farm. In return, these farmers are not only able to support their families, but provide a better future for generations to come. Coffee from Indonesia is fair trade, organic, and comes from a small business that supports individual farmers and their families. 

This Christmas, support a small business farmer and purchase a few bags of Pure Origin coffee. Not only will your caffeine addiction be satisfied, but you will get to support & connect with the amazing stories of our coffee farmers from across the world. What better holiday gift could one receive than that? 

Thanks to Pure Origin Coffee for being featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Head over to the guide to see our team's gift picks for this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it. 

This Holiday season, purchase a bag of Pure Origin Coffee and meet the farmer behind the bean! 

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Do you know where your coffee bean comes from?

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