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Start your Holiday Mornings with Coffee from Brewpoint Coffee

Brewpoint Coffee has some amazing options for you to start your mornings! Why not brew up their Cafe Con Amor or Full Moon Decaffeinated CBD Infused blends during the holidays?

Brewpoint Coffee’s mission is to build a more equitable and inclusive world through coffee, with a vision to be a nationally known specialty coffee brand that showcases its success through equitable collaborations; culminating in a coffee manufacturing incubator to support black, brown, and women-owned specialty coffee businesses.

Curiosity, empathy, and diversity are our way of making sure we are valuing the people in our ecosystem by taking a step back to listen and gain further context to ensure we are looking at our own growth before criticizing others. The value of community reinforces that the decisions and stances we take are not just about us, but a reminder that we are a part of a global community. We take responsibility when we need to improve as a company to be equitable and inclusive for our community, and we collaborate with others as much as we can to build the world we jointly want to see.

Full Moon Decaffeinated CBD Infused Medium Roast Coffee

The taste of coffee should never have a bedtime. Waxing and waning your way to sleep has never felt this easy with our Full Moon decaf CBD-infused coffee accompanying your bedtime routine. Full Moon is a medium roasted, decaffeinated CBD hemp-infused coffee available in 12oz-300mg/4oz-100mg sizes.  It is made with decaffeinated Swiss Water (99.9% decaffeinated) coffee beans roasted rich, smooth, and full-bodied to taste, honey processed, and is Single Origin Colombia, with tasting notes of toasted almond and hazelnuts. I thought it was a delicious way to bring relaxation to my evening and readied myself for a good night’s rest.

Café Con Amor Light Roast Coffee

Café Con Amor is a light-roasted, single-farm coffee. It brings a bright citrus punch and a light floral finish. This is Brewpoint’s first direct trade partnership, we’re excited to share the third year's harvest of this delicious coffee from The Farmers Project producers Jonathan Jost & Marianella Baez Jost located in Cañuelas de Naranjo, Costa Rica.

Want it? Get it!

Check out their variety of coffees and purchase for the coffee lover on your holiday list from their website!

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