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Set Your Holiday Table with Southside Market BBQ Meats


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The holidays are just around the corner, and if you're like me, you are probably already thinking about what the main star will be on your holiday dinner table. A few years ago, my husband because obsessed with smoking meat. I gifted him a smoker for Christmas a few years back, and every holiday and family get-together since then has featured smoked meat of some kind. We've enjoyed everything from brisket and ribs to chicken, and everyone in our family agrees that the smoky flavors and spices bring something special to the table.

This year, we're with in-laws for the holidays, and our hosting duties are on hold until our home renovation is complete. We're still making the season bright, but are also making things easier on ourselves in terms of cooking, decorating, etc. While I love to host, and my husband loves to cook, it's kind of nice to have a year off. We are still, however, getting together with family for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, and will bring along delicious dishes to share.

My husband and I had the pleasure of experiencing a delicious Smoked BBQ Turkey Breast from Southside Market and BBQ and agreed that it was just the perfect turkey for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals with our family. Southside Market and BBQ is both a restaurant and an online shop for smoked meats, BBQ, and more! The brick-and-mortar shop came to be in 1886 and was started by William Moon, who raised and smoked his own meats to preserve them for freshness. The shop was a huge success, and a booming business was born. Today, there are four restaurant locations, and customers can shop online for nationwide shipping and delivery.

While having turkey on our holiday table is a must (my dad is especially fond of turkey), the rest of my family tends to prefer ham. Most are of the opinion that turkey tends to be dry and tasteless, and we'd rather just skip it completely for Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. This year. however, we got to try something deliciously different- a smoke BBQ turkey breast from Southside Market and BBQ. The difference in taste was absolutely incredible, and opinions on having turkey on our holiday dinner table immediately changed.

Our turkey was shipped out and arrived temperature controlled on dry ice. I kept the turkey breast in the freezer until we were ready to cook it for dinner. Since the BBQ turkey breast was already thoroughly cooked, it just needed to defrost, and then warm through in the oven. I followed the instructions for warming in a conventional oven, which said to wrap in foil and warm at 350 degrees for two hours. How easy! No messing around with a giant bird, defrosting it for a week, and then getting up to put it in the oven at 3 am.

Once the timer went off, I removed the turkey breast and asked my husband to slice it up for serving. The bark on the turkey looked and smelled incredible. We are huge fans of BBQ and smoked meats, and couldn't wait for our first experience with a smoked turkey! We added the turkey to our dinner table, and we couldn't wait for a taste!

Our dinner table looked so festive and fabulous with the Southside Market and BBQ smoked turkey breast as its star! As my husband sliced into the turkey, he immediately noticed how moist it was, and said, 'You likely won't need to use a knife.'. My children, who usually turn their noses up at turkey, were very curious about the BBQ turkey and agreed to give it a try. We served up cornbread, sauteed zucchini, and mashed potatoes with our turkey, and couldn't wait to feast together!

As we loaded up our plates, and gave thanks, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the time saved by not having to cook a whole turkey. Being able to pop a pre-cooked turkey breast into the oven allowed me time to focus on the rest of our dinner, and spending time with my family. That's the most important part of the holidays, in my book!

As we feasted on our dinner, everyone kept chattering about how delicious the turkey was. The spices on the bark were just so flavorful! The bark is my husband's favorite part of any smoked meat, and he said it was just amazing. He'd happily have turkey for every holiday meal, as long as it came from Southside Market and BBQ! My kids were both thrilled that they actually liked the turkey, and both of them asked for seconds, which felt like a holiday miracle! Even our 14-month-old couldn't get enough of the delicious smoked turkey breast!

We know we found something special in Southside Market and BBQ, and cannot wait to bring a new flavor to our holiday dinner tables, so we can share this yummy turkey with our family and friends! Southside Market and BBQ is the way to go for your holiday meals this season- or anytime!

Want to try Southside Market and BBQ?

Head on over to Southside Market and BBQ to see their entire selection of smoked meats and more! You'll be delighted by their delicious offerings, and will love their flavors! Make the holidays easy on yourself and extra delicious by adding the smoked BBQ flavor to your table. Your family and friends will be extra impressed, just like we were!

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Wishing you a delicious and joyous holiday season!

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