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Sentimental Gems has Great Holiday Gift Ideas with their Curated Crystal Kits and Jewelry

People who resonate with stones love to hold them, feel them, and carry them. However, when you find stones you connect with, you cannot always carry them around with you. So, Kerry at Sentimental Gems started making jewelry and pocket-size kits so people can have the benefits of stones and crystals energies in your every day to day life. 

Chakra Crystal Kit

Whether you believe in the benefits of crystals or not, the placebo still plays a significant role in our minds. Each piece is selected with intention and purpose. We have many chapters in our lives, and we can use a boost every so often. 

Sentimental Gems curates Crystal Kits and Jewelry based on manifestations and intentions. There is a variety of cultures that practice rock ceremonies or gifting oathing stones from around the world. It is a beautiful way of offering blessings and good wishes to newlyweds, new babies, ill people, or someone who is embarking on a new chapter of their life or even to gift themselves. 

Each crystal kit comes with a scroll detailing the stones and an instruction suggestions manual. Each piece is handmade, and each stone varies as they are all raw and unique in their way; not one detail is ever the same, making them one of a kind. Make it a necklace, bracelet, or anklet—a wearable crystal kit.

Watermelon Tourmaline Bracelet

Gifting someone a manifestation will help instill that intention that is being gifted to encourage the receiver to attract that affirmation into their life. The collections have been created to make true inner happiness more accessible by helping the receiver think about situations from a higher perspective and using that limitless "will" of knowing based on the laws of attraction. Albert Einstein noted that everything in life is vibration, and just like sound waves, your thoughts match the vibrations of everything that manifests in your life.

A little about the creator:

Kerry's mindful practice is making jewelry and working with crystals. Her passion is Trichology and Epigenetics (cognitive behaviors) because the human mind fascinates her. She is a hair loss and growth specialist due to stress, and strongly values a mindful lifestyle. Jewelry making is her mindful practice, and what was once a hobby is now a flourishing venture. All the items she designs are made with an intention in mind. She loves incorporating crystals, the art of gifting intentions, and manifestation practices in all she does. She comes from a long line of professional makers and shakers and has been making and selling jewelry since she was a young child.

Want it? Get it!

Check out their variety of Crystal Kits and Jewelry and purchase a gift for a loved one this Holiday on their website!

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