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Raccoon Tycoon, the University Games stragetic board game that will have your family vying to own the town!


Thanks to University Games for sending Raccoon Tycoon in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Board Games are a popular way to spend family time together. Standards like Monopoly and Candy Land kept me and my sister entertained for hours. Now, when I get to spend time with her family, we break out the board games they have!

I'm excited to gift University Games Raccoon Tycoon to her family this year. My sister and her family, along with myself, have really been into the western TV shows that have popped up in the past few months. The Raccoon Tycoon drawings and board game design are reminiscent of the western days of past. 

Automatically, this game transports your family into the world of railroads, western life, and slick wily people who want to own entire towns. Better watch out, or you may find yourself conceding to the tycoon who owns the most and runs the town! Be aware or your wealth may be financially ruined!

Players should focus on obtaining commodities to own as much as possible. Without commodities and without money, a player has little choice during their turn!  Be the next Sly Fox or Big Bear to obtain as many commodities as possible until you decide to sell for a great profit in this fictional town of Astoria! 

Commodities offered include wheat, wood, coal, iron, goods, and luxuries. These items can be used to build railroads, create buildings, and eventually... own an entire town!

Follow provided instructions to set up the game. Each player starts out with 3 price & production cards. The rest become the draw deck. Commodities are placed on their lowest price of the corresponding market. The remainder of commodities become the available supply. Just like in real life, the supply and demand will make prices rise or fall. Each player receives $10 as their starting money and the rest goes into the bank. Banks pay out the money when a player sells their commodity. 

Two decks, the railroad deck and town decks have cards available for auction. The number of players will indicate the number of railroads available, so be sure to check out that section. 

To start, the start player receives Raccoon Tycoon's token. The start player chooses a free commodity token. The second player is the player to the left of the start player. This person receives two free tokens. Continue around the group until all players have received the appropriate amount of tokens. 

Each round, a player can take one of the following five actions:

1) Production: play price & production card, take commodities, increase prices

2) Sell A Commodity: sell, gain money, and reduce price

3) Railroad Auction:  bid for a railroad card, pays bid, and play on another auction if player doesn't win

4) Purchase a building: pay cost of building tile and take tile

5) Purchase a town: using existing commodities and take the card

The game provides specific examples of how a player can choose to play and obtain goods and cards. Note-there are smuggler and black market cards available as well. These have caveats and twists as to how the player carries out decided actions!  The game is finished when the last town card or railroad is purchased! Then the winner will be able to brag as the wealthiest tycoon in the course of your family's history! Better watch out though, because just like real life, the tides can quickly change and a new tycoon can under sweep you each time you play!

There are various variants to this game that include two players, four players, and up to five total. All players will show their purchased commodities, buildings, and railroads as these are public knowledge (just like in real life!). Yet, money can remain a secret. Other players do not need to know how wealthy a player is! 

If your family plays strategy games a lot, you probably won't have much difficulty catching on to the components of Raccoon Tycoon. If you are a newbie to strategy games, this one is easy enough with some edge, but still might take a couple of rounds to get used too. Personally, I struggle with strategy games, but my sister, niece, and nephew dive right in! 

This will be a great board game to play as a family on those cold long winter nights this year! Definitely grab "Raccoon Tycoon" for a unique board game experience your family will enjoy. This will make a great holiday gift for any board-game lover! University Games has other great board games that your family will certainly love, alongside of Raccoon Tycoon, so be sure to check out all the options!

Special thanks to University Games for being featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, check out our selections on Mommy's Block Party!

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