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Puzzle Your Way Through the Holidays With Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game


Thanks Fun in Motion Toys, for sending over this Battle Shapes Game, in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Do you remember the Rubix's cube of the 80s & 90s? While never a particular favorite of mine, it was often around homes as a way to pass the time, test our patience, and puzzle skills. I have to admit- I always struggled with the patterns and became easily frustrated!

This holiday season, test your patience and endurance with a brand-new game! This year, Fun in Motion toys introduced the Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game to entertain and delight puzzle solvers of all ages (recommended for Age 8+). 

The Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game comes with two puzzle cubes, a timer, a buzzer, and a deck of cards. The deck of card contains all the shapes that can be made with the puzzle cubes. 

This particular game is set up to be played in pairs or solo. Solo players can use the deck of cards and timer to see how many shapes can be created in one minute. 

Dual Players will flip the provided coin to see how the round will be played out. There are 2 variations. The star side of the coin invites players to compete to see who can make the shape on the picked card the first. 

The timer side of the card invites players to use the provided timer to make the shape in 1 minute. If the player finishes their shape, sets down the cube, and rings the bell, they will win that round. If the player does not make the correct shape, the card will default to the partner. 

There are 10 cards to a game and the one with the most card points wins. Wild Card Games can be shuffled in just to test skill and fortitude. 

Be off into a wonderful battle shape adventure with these shape-shifting cubes! Be sure to read the color coded point system on each card to determine which pattern to follow: easy, moderate, or difficult. 

One of the best things about this Shashibo Game is that each card includes a QR code linked to a video. I think this is great because if a child (or adult) easily becomes frustrated at a shape, they can head to a tutorial for help to learn it.  

The Shashibo Battle Shapes game is easy to take on the move. No matter whether you are heading to the in laws, in the back of a car, or in your living room on another rainy cold winter day; this game will test skills and provide fun! There are even some wild cards thrown in that will test skills and challenge players even further. 

I am positive that this puzzle game will be the hit toy in your family this holiday season. There might even be some "friendly" competition involved in these games. Go ahead and add it to your holiday shopping list! 

We have loved featuring Fun in Motion Toys in our 2022 Holiday Gift Idea. For more selections from our team, head over to MBP!

Want it? Get it!

Find the Shashibo Battle Shapes Puzzle Game from Fun in Motion Toys for a great holiday gift! 

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