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Mistakes To Avoid While Hiring A Wedding DJ

 Hiring a wedding DJ is the most daunting of all wedding tasks. As entertainment comprises an essential element of any wedding, going wrong with music can ruin it completely. 

However, amidst hundreds of tasks and responsibilities, the bride and the groom often commit mistakes while selecting their wedding DJ. 

If you happen to exchange wedding vows soon and are contemplating hiring a wedding dj mc melbourne, here are the mistakes to avoid. 

Mistake #1: Not giving yourself enough time to choose a DJ

Booking the venue, finding the best caterers, hunting for the perfect wedding dress, booking appointments for pre-wedding salon sessions, and whatnot? Planning a wedding can be backbreaking. 

With so many tasks to tick off the list, booking a wedding DJ can wait. But it should not wait until the last few days of the wedding. 

Finding a DJ is not as easy as you might anticipate. You need to find the one that fits your taste and budget. More importantly, most DJs get fully booked for months in advance. 

Give yourself enough time to search for the best wedding DJ because you would not want to compromise on entertainment.


Mistake #2: Cutting the cost on music

Things can run out of budget while planning a wedding. But you can find other things to cut the cost and fit the program into your budget. 

Cutting on music means getting a bad and inexperienced DJ equipped with low-quality equipment. 

Mistake #3: Not checking the experience


So, you got a DJ who plays at the most happening clubs and parties across the city. But playing at the wedding is the first time for them. Well, in that case, you must prepare yourself to meet and greet a disaster.

Playing at a wedding is different from playing at parties. Not just the choice of songs but the transitions from toast to the first dance to the celebration is not an easy nut to crack. Furthermore, a DJ is also responsible for announcing your entrance as a newly-wedded couple. 

Hence, it is always better to go with a DJ with experience in playing at weddings. If you are facing problems finding one, several entertainment companies in DC will help you in this respect. 

Reach out to the best entertainment company to find an experienced wedding DJ. 

Mistake #4: Not checking the equipment 

It is a common mistake that every other couple commits. They check everything but the equipment the DJ is going to use at the wedding. 

Apart from the standard DJ equipment, a DJ should have other audio equipment to ensure a flawless audio transition. For instance, if the dance floor is a little away from the area where the ceremony will take place, the DJ should have a separate set of equipment for both areas. They should also know the proper speaker placement. Furthermore, if you have included lighting in the package, they should be able to gather the required equipment without compromising on the quality.


Mistake #5: Not checking the insurance


Most couples do not bother to check the insurance coverage of their wedding DJ before hiring them. Do not take the same route. 

Accidents can happen anytime, and you would not want to deal with them on the biggest day of your life. The equipment could break or the dance floor could get damaged. Hence, hire a DJ with liability insurance to cover any unforeseen loss at the venue. 

Take a look at the proof of insurance to ensure that everyone is covered. 

The bottom line

Your DJ will be responsible for injecting all the fun at your wedding. So, do not take them lightly. Avoid these mistakes while hiring a wedding DJ and walk into your new life dancing to the best tunes. 

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