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Keep Your Holiday Elf's Magic Alive and Stress-Free with Elf Prop Kits from The World Elf Org


This is a sponsored post on behalf of The World Elf Org. All thoughts are my own.

Ah, the holidays! That magical time of year when we settle in by the fire and take in the sights and sounds of the season. I cherish my family's special holiday traditions. There are quite a few that we love and hold dear from the way we decorate our home to the way we celebrate on Christmas Day. One of the most exciting holiday traditions in our home is the arrival of Snowflake, our holiday elf! This year, we're keeping up the elf magic and keeping our stress at bay, thanks to The World Elf Org and their magical, sanity-saving Luxury Elf Prop Kit!

Making spirits bright! The Snowflake 24 Day Kit takes the guesswork out of your holiday elf experience!

If you're familiar with the Elf on the Shelf or the Elf Magic traditions, you already know that the arrival of the family elf is a lot of fun for kids and grown-ups alike. The elf comes to stay with its beloved family during the holidays and reports back to Santa as to whether or not the children have been good. Our family elf is allowed to be touched and played with, which makes it even more fun for all of us, and while there's a lot of joy that comes along with our elf's annual visit, he is sometimes met with a grumble (mainly from my husband) because it's up to mom and dad to keep the elf going.

How many times have you woken up in bed in the middle of the night during the holidays and said, 'Oh, no! We forgot to move the elf!" I have done that so many times over the years. It takes a lot of planning to get everything you need for your elf during the holidays, and some folks even make up an activities calendar. Yes- lots of time, money, and organization. 

Everything you need for a fun and successful holiday season with your family's elf is included in the Snowflake 24-Day Kit. Additional Child Kits and other add-ons sold separately.

What if I told you there was an easier way to manage your elf's elfcapades this holiday season?

Thanks to The World Elf Org, you can have one amazing 24-Day Elf Prop Kit, and have everything you need to enjoy a fun holiday season with your elf and your family. Imagine that- all of the daily elf activities have already been thought up for you, and all of the props and accessories needed to complete each daily scene is provided for you in one amazing kit!

Take a look at some of the amazing daily activity props and materials included in the Snowflake Kit!

Personalized sleeping bag with your elf's name! 

Personalized Christmas Tree Costume for your elf.

Pirate Adventure Props

Day off props.

It wasn't me- smashed window prop.

Even more elf props, games, and activities!


1 - Hot Air Balloon

2 - Gift Box Elf home with Christmas Tree and Arrival Letter - Personalized

3 - Selfie Props

4 - Morning Coffee & Paper

5 - Sleeping Bag - Embroidered Personalization

6 - Christmas Cracker Surprise

7 - Smashed Window

8 - Playing Cards

9 - Christmas Tree Costume - Embroidered Personalization

10 - Christmas Swing

11 - Elf Burger Restaurant

12 - Pirate Treasure Hunt

13 - Swat Team Intruder Alert

14 - Elf Board Game

15 - Christmas Ornament Activity

16 - Painting a Picture

17 - Pin the Carrot on the Snowman

18 - Poinsettia Flowers

19 - Elf Bubble Bath

20 - Baking Cookies

21 - Finger Catapult Game

22 - Planning a Summer Vacation

23 - Crafty Elf Snowflake Activity

24 - Goodbye Letter and Envelope Costume

I adore these wonderful activities and props that come with the Snowflake Kit! These are just the cutest ideas, and they're ones that my husband and I never would have thought of or spent the time trying to put together. Since all of the props are already included in the kit, I won't be rushing out to the store last minute to get one more silly little thing for the elf. It will save me so much time and money this holiday season, and I am thrilled about that. The neat thing about the kit is that it gives you Day 1, Day 2, and Last Day anchors for the 24-day period, and you can choose which props to use day by day.

Also Included in the Snowflake 24-Day Kit:

Beautiful gift box converts into a cozy home for your elf!

Limited Availability Gift Box

The gift box is so beautiful! This special box converts to a beautiful and cozy home for your family's elf to live in. It even has a magical door for the elf to go through at night when he/she reports back to Santa at the North Pole.

24 Individually Packaged Props

The kit comes with 24 props, ready for you to set up and use each day with your elf during the holidays. These props are amazing, and can be reused for playtime fun, or used again next season.

Also included:

* FREE Clear Doll Stand

* FREE Wooden Easel - for the display of elf messages where applicable or within the prop display itself

* FREE Reusable putty

* FREE Pair of Velcro Dots

Everything you need for a magical holiday season with your elf is included in the Snowflake Kit.

Wow! Our friends at The World Elf Org really have thought of everything we might need in order to make our holiday elves come to life, and they have included all of those items in the Snowflake Kit! There's nothing to plan, nothing to purchase, and nothing to think about, other than setting up the daily scene, and watching your kids be filled with wonder, love, and excitement during the holidays!

Personalized letters and elf items make this even more special for the whole family.

For early birds, personalized props and welcome/goodbye letters are also available. Personalizing select items in the kit with your children's names, and your elf's name makes it even more magical for the whole family!

Additional Child Kits available for an additional fee.

More than just one elf in your family? No worries- The World Elf Org also offers Extra Elf Add-On Kits, so you can double up on the holiday fun! Be sure to select the add-on for additional child kits, so you have enough supplies for each child when completing activities.

Step by step instructions and extra help are available! Just ask!

Our family's elf arrives soon, and I cannot wait to set up these fun and amazing daily scenes for my kids. Snowflake is going to love his upgraded house, and is going to have the best time with us this holiday season. The Snowflake 24-Day Kit is such a gift to me. I'm the mom who wants and tries her hardest to truly do it all for her kids during the holidays, and the elf is no exception. Last year was stressful for me and my husband to keep the elf going with a brand new baby at home, and I wish that I'd had this amazing kit to help me keep the elf going. I'm really looking at our elf with fresh eyes and a new attitude this holiday season, and it's all thanks to the amazing folks at The World Elf Org and their wonderfully creative Luxury Elf Prop Kits and accessories. Thank you to our friends at The World Elf Org!

Want it? Get it!

Give yourself a stress-free elf visit this season. The Snowflake Complete 24 Day Elf Prop Kit is just $135.00. Add an additional child to your kit for $7.50. Don't forget the extra elf add-on, if needed (for $19.95). The Peppermint Collection Kits are available with limited availability. *Payment installments are available as well.

Santa's Lost Button Add-On

The World Elf Org offers lots of wonderful add-ons for your elf kit (like Santa's Lost Button), and even has adorable kits for other times of the year, like birthdays, the 4th of July, and more. Get more out of your elf, and enjoy him all year long with a little help from The World Elf Org!

The Snowflake Complete 24-Day Kit would make an amazing gift to any parent this holiday season. If you know someone who just brought home a new baby with an older sibling in the family, this kit would be a true blessing to mom and dad (spoken from experience!).

Small business love and support!

At Mommy's Block Party, we love supporting small businesses and are proud to feature The World Elf Org in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. All of the props are handmade, and each kit is packed by hand- with a lot of love! Thank you for supporting this wonderful small business with a big dream!

Who would you love to gift an Elf Prop Kit to this holiday season?

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