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Happy Thanksgiving 2022


Happy Thanksgiving, friends! I almost hope that you're too busy to read this post today, but if not, I'm glad you're here! As I sit down to compose a post today, it's 5 am, my house is quiet, and I am thinking of all of the wonderful things that I have to be thankful for.

It's been a harder-than-usual year for my family, and I feel as though we were really put through the wringer this year. Right on the heels of 2021 bringing us a beautiful new baby, 2022 brought us an unexpected move- resulting in purchasing a new home and a major home renovation. The holidays are a bit different because we're still bunking with in-laws, and not yet in our new home. We're making the best and most of it in the ways we can. Today, I'm thankful for new homeownership, even through the very un-fun and emotionally trying renovation process- a home that gives us the space we need indoors and outdoors, is located in a safer community and gives us space to live and grow in love together.

My dad's health was dicey over the summer, just as we started our home renovation journey. It has taken many doctor's appointments, some treatments, and lifestyle changes, but he has turned a corner and is doing so much better. Thanks be to God for this- it's probably the greatest blessing I have received this year. So many of my friends are starting to lose their parents, or have lost them in years past. I grieve for them and give God so much thanks that I have two wonderful parents by my side, along with my beautiful sister, and her husband. My in-laws are amazing... my mother-in-law who is both a mom and a friend, and my grandparents-in-law, who have been grandparents to me for nearly 25 years. Everyone is getting older, but I give thanks for yet another year with them all.

My husband has been my rock. I don't always 'need' him in ways that I plainly show outwardly, but this past year, he picked me up when I couldn't get myself off the ground. He has gotten us through the worst situation we've endured in our 15 years of marriage and managed not to miss a beat. I don't know how he did it or how he continues to march on day by day, but he did it- he does it, still. I love him more now than ever before and have even more respect and appreciation for who he is and the ways he takes care of his family.

My kids are my everything. It's been challenging- to move, to be in a different space that isn't 'ours,' and to endure lots of changes from a new school to life at home. My kids have handled everything with grace- so much grace for me and their dad. It's been tough, but through it all, they know they are loved. B keeps us on our toes with his pre-teen attitude, impresses us, and makes us proud with his ambitious spirit, and loyalty to his commitments. Beanie Girl makes us giggle. Thank God for her sunny disposition and her comedic spirit. Baby C was our blessing in the midst of chaos and confusion. What a joy she is.

We've lost- through some very hard months, we've lost people we thought were friends, we lost our pastor at our church, and some people stopped communicating with us through all the changes we've experienced. While it has hurt me to have these things happen, I try to see the bright side of this and find the blessings even in the broken rubble. The universe has removed people who were so toxic to me that they caused me deep emotional and mental health problems. Honestly, it was an answer to my prayers- the correction just happened in ways I never expected. God truly works in ways we cannot see. We've been blessed to be able to reconnect with wonderful people from our past this year- mainly an old friend and co-worker, who sold us our home, and a wonderful pastor from my childhood, who now serves as our Interim Senior Pastor. My heart is happy and very full.

Thanksgiving feels a bit more somber this year, but a day to give much thanks and praise for our blessings. I have never scooped them up so quickly and thanked God on my knees so very much for these blessings. I listed them and touched on them today because they seem more real, and I know now more than ever that life can be your very own version of perfect one day, and can fall apart the next. God continues to provide and to make all things work together for our good. His love never fails.

What good news! A hope and promise we can cling to. Thanks be to God!

May your Thanksgiving Day be filled with love, and laughter, and maybe you'll even be able to speak some of your blessings aloud today. In fact, I encourage you to do that and to give thanks.

Be blessed today and always, dear readers!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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