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Griddly Games Just Add Kits Provide Lots of Holiday Fun

Thanks to Griddly Games for providing these kits in exchange for my thoughts. All opinions are my own.

How creative were you as a child? I remember trying all sorts of experiments both in and out of the kitchen. Rock Sugar Candies, Coca-Cola and Pennies, and making Play-Doh were just some of the ways I found entertainment during long winter breaks. 

This holiday season; create enthusiasm, excitement, and wonder in your child's eyes through Griddly Games. Griddly Games offers science and art kits designed to help kids learn, play, and have fun! Kits are designed to help kids learn about chemical reactions, learn about science, and how items are made/ created. Most include some elements of science, arts, technology, engineering, and math. These are great kits to help kids learn and be entertained during those post holiday blues, bad weather Saturdays, or dark stormy evenings.  These are also skills that will stay with our kids throughout all of their lives, espeically as more and more career fields head towards STEM and STEAM ideology. '

The Just Add Sugar kit offers 15 different ways to be creative in the science and art fields. Packed full of food coloring, paints, and even soap base; kids can try their hand at making sugar crystals, paper mache, soap making, edible play dough, body scrubs and more! The majority of experiments will explore crystallization of sugar and supersaturation of items like paper, tie-dyed shirts, etc. 

The box contains card stock, 3 bottles of food coloring, silicon tray (for soap), paint + brush, soap base, syringe, string, 3 candy sticks, cord, and an instruction book. The instruction book is pretty small print, but it provides the experiment, needed ingredients, and the lesson related to the experiment. Most experiments will need extra items that you may have in the kitchen, such as sugar, water, peanut butter, or fruit and oil. 

The Just Add Soap kit has 20 unique activities that can be completed using the provided ingredients and some more from the home. Of course, the main premise of this kit is BUBBLES! Yep, most of us love making bubbles, but kids will explore the magic behind bubbles and soap. 

This kit includes a soap mold, soap base, rope, rubber bands, food coloring, eye dropper, balloon, flower cookie cutter, straw, glitter, watercolor paper, and the instructions. As with the other kit, extra items might be needed to make some of the experiments. Typically, they are items found around the home already. 

Experiments include Magic Glitter, lots of Bubble projects, many soap making projects, and some fun exploding projects like Exploding Volcano and Exploding Soap. Also, a favorite of all kids everywhere: SLIME! This slime is made with glue, soap, baking soda, and food coloring, so no borax worries. 

Both of these kits seem small but are packed with items that will create fun projects! If your child loves knowing how things are made, potentially loves learning about science, and likes being messy, then these are for you! 

Both kits are geared towards children ages 8 and up. Depending on their age, most things they can probably do alone, but might need an older sibling or adult's help for some of the activities. These are a great way to kill some extra time in between movie and video game days, especially when weather is too bad to go outside and play. 

I might suggest completing the experiments, particularly those with soap base, food coloring and bubbles, in areas that are easy to clean up. Definitely not in your living room with your favorite couch, carpet, and pillow! If you don't remember from science class, experiments, while fun, can definitely be messy. A backyard might be preferred if available and its nice outside. 

I can't wait to see what experiments my niece and nephew come up with this holiday season. This is a different type of gift that will get them moving, creative, and learning while on school break too! 

These kits will make great stocking stuffers. The best part is that the instruction book can be kept, so even when the kit products are all used up, projects can be recreated by using things found around the home or purchased if needed.  Griddly Games has other "just add" kits along with other games, so be sure to check out all of their offerings for all of your holiday gift needs!

We have loved featuring Griddly Games in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift ideas, head over to MBP!

Want it? Get it!

Find Griddly Game's Just Add Sugar and Just Add Soap Kits and be on your way to some great science experiments this holiday season! 

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What types of science and art projects do your kids love?

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