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Family Competition & Fun With Outdoor Murbles Game.


Thanks Murbles, for sending over this 14-piece Tournament Set in exchange for my thoughts. All opinions are my own. 

Do you remember the days of playing outside until dusk, only coming in when your mom called for you? For many of our kiddos, unsupervised play is no longer an option in today's world. Yet, for my niece and nephew, they are lucky enough to live in a community where they can still be kids, carefree and play outside for hours!

This holiday season, add to your family's outdoor fun with Murbles! This game is easy, fun, and can basically be played anywhere! Unlike other similar games, Murbles doesn't require a dedicated court. There are no set distances, no skills, or no set speeds needed for this game. 

Based off of the long tradition of lawn games, Murbles are designed specifically for smaller hands and older shoulders. Balls are about .5 lbs, 3 inches in diameter. It makes it super easy to throw and allows anyone of any age or fitness level to participate. 

Instead, players get to choose their own distance and pace of the game! Instructions are included on the bag, which makes it super easy to remember. 

1) Each player picks a murbles color that they will possess throughout the game. 

2) An challenger needs to be identified, and that person takes possession of the target ball. 

3) Players stand side by side, the target ball is the first ball thrown via underarm forward into play (between 3 and 30 ft). 

4) Players can't move from their positions once the target ball is thrown. 

5) Players alternate underarm throws of their own balls, trying to get their game balls close to the target as possible. 

6) The Player closest to the ball scores 1 point per ball. No other players can score points in that round. That player then receives control of the target ball and starts the next round from the current location, any direction. 

Other instructions are included on breaking ties, what to do with mishaps, and what's considered  a bad throw. If a player has won 2 out of 3 sets, then they have won the game. A set is when a player wins 10 points (only 1-3 points can be given out per round). 

I know that my niece and nephew will love Murbles. Not only will they love being able to throw the murbles balls, they also love being in competition with each other. The best part about this game is that no markers have to be set up, so it's based on where the target ball lands. (This could be a good, or bad things, depending on how competitive your kiddos get, so it might be handy to have a measuring tape and some advance rules about not moving balls, etc). 

Murbles can be taken anywhere too! Backyards, camping, the beach, any outside space can handle murbles because your family gets to set the distance! 

Those of you in snow-ridden communities probably won't be able to play murbles outdoors as the balls can roll and hit objects (or other balls) so snow might impede that. Yet, if you are up for a challenge, I'm sure you could figure out it out, especially if you just need to bundle up and get out of the house for some activity! 

I wouldn't recommend playing murbles inside unless you have a long activity room/ basement with no breakables around. 

Another great thing is that this game requires no break-down or set up, so if a quick rainstorm pops up, or if it's time to head in for dinner, murbles can rest until you return. Murble balls are made of high density plastic that can handle most dynamics. I probably wouldn't leave them out in the yard during tropical storm season, but they are made to survive outdoor elements! 

Purchasing Murbles is very easy too. In fact, unlike other sets you get to choose the favorite colors for each of your family members! I was sent a 4-piece player set and choose the color of the bag along with the ball colors. The bag is super handy, easy to carry, and durable. 

For my family, there will be pink, green, light blue, and brown. Each player has 3 murble balls, so 3 available points per round could be collected. This set also includes 2 target balls, in white and gray, so that a family could split up and go tournament style if they wished. If your family is super competitive, that might be for you!

Murbles are available in sets from 2 to 16 players, depending upon your needs and desired play type. I was also sent an official murbles tape-measurer, because you never know when an argument will break out about the closest ball to the target! 

Sets are super affordable as far as outdoor games go too. This 14 piece Medium Tournament Set is only $95, while a regular family size of 4 could obtain a Murbles set for $69. Compared to other outdoor game sets, this one would make a great holiday gift that the entire family can enjoy! 

This year, put down the video games and head outside for family fun with Murbles. It will quickly become your family's favorite outdoor game! 

Thanks to Murbles for being featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For other gift ideas and suggestions, head to our gift guide selections for this holiday season! 

Want it? Get it!

Find your Murbles Set in one of 20 Colors and be on your way to lots of outdoor fun this holiday season! 

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