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Easy Holiday Desserts With Williamette Valley Pies


Thanks Williamette Valley Pie Company, for these great tasting holiday  pies, in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own! 

Growing up, I don't remember learning the trade secrets of any family pies. I really don't remember if we had store bought or homemade pies at holiday events. My mom was a nurse and often worked holidays, so I don't remember her in the kitchen making pies. Russian Thumbprint cookies, yes. Pies, no recollection. 

As an adult, I'm no contestant on the Great British Bakeoff, but I can make a pie or two. And I've had a mishap or two (just ask my Florida friends how I've ruined a pecan pie)! Nowadays, while I love to bake, I often struggle with timing. Thanksgiving always falls around Advent's arrival and of course, Christmas chaos is just a few short weeks away. Store-bought pies seem to win around those times, despite my desire to have something that is handmade and fresh. Store bought pies are often full of preservatives and honestly, how long have they been sitting around in a freezer from production to purchase?

This holiday season, do yourself a favor and purchase pies from Wiliamette Valley Pie Company. This Oregon based family business has expanded from berry-growing, to canning, to their current selection frozen or ready to bake pies!

Williamette Valley Pie Company offers ready to bake frozen pies using individually flash frozen fruits. Their selection includes large 40 oz "9 inch" family pies, mini 10 oz pies, 26 oz cobblers, and turnovers. 

Traditionally, pumpkin pies win at Thanksgiving. Did you know that this famous gourds date back to 5500 BC in what's now known as Central America? In the 1500s, during the exploration phase of England's history, the gourd was taken back and by 1536, became a staple in British life. Most likely when they set course for America, they were already familiar with the savory sweet complex nature of pumpkins (or then known as pumpions). Original pies certainly looked and tasted a lot different from our current nature of pumpkin pies. First off-have you TRIED processing pumpkin filling from scratch?

It's a good thing that we have companies like Williamette Valley Pie Co to make these handmade pies for us! Using the best ingredients, 100% butter, and a generous filling complete with cinnamon, ginger, and allspice; this pumpkin pie will be on your table in no time flat! No preservatives, water, starch, or additives are used, which makes these pies super fresh. That also means that once they are thawed or baked, they need to be used within a 3 day timespan too. 

These pies contain fruit grown via local farms surrounding the Williamette Valley Pie Co, which is a big plus for me. Supporting and advocating for their own communities and farming businesses is what I love about smaller companies! For example, Williamette Valley Pie Co uses berries from about 30 farms local to their company within a 10-mile radius. This translates into super fresh fruit! 

Not a pumpkin lover? Williamette also offers berry and chocolate pies as well! 

The Triple Chocolate Pie is any chocolate lover's dream. Made with farm fresh cream, 100% cocoa, and a chocolate cookie crust, this pie is a custard-based decadent dessert. It will literally melt in your mouth as you taste this wonderful chocolate and cream concoction. 

To serve a whole pie, let it thaw in the fridge for 5-6 hrs. To only use a serving or two, dip a sharp knife into hot water and slice away. Then let it thaw for about 90 mins room temp. 

No matter whether it's a simple gift to the host, an addition to your family meal, a sweet gift mailed to a friend who needs some extra love, or just a simple dessert to end a long week, a Williamette Valley pie will bring lots of love, joy, and good eats into your home! Fruit, Chocolate, and Holiday dessert pies will liven up the dessert table this holiday season! 

Many thanks to the Williamette Valley Company for their willingness to be featured in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Check out our other gift guide picks as you prepare for Holiday meals and shopping!

Want it? Get it!

Shop for your favorite pie bundle from Williamette Valley Pie Company for some amazing sweet flaky goodness to go with your holiday meal! 

If you happen to live in the western part of the states, you may find Williamette Valley pies in a store near you, especially in Oregon. If you are ever in the Williamette Valley, go check out their retail shop!  Also, be sure to check out the freshly launched new product, BerryFields Sandwiches, found at Whole Foods across the country! 

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What's your favorite type of pie? 

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