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Create Confident Flawless looks with Luminess Cosmetics Breeze Airbrush System!


Thanks to Luminess for providing this Breeze Airbrush kit in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

I did not grow up in a household that discussed fashion or beauty products that much.  As a young adult, I didn't care much about it. It wasn't until I was in my late twenties, when a friend, a direct sales leader in a specific cosmetics company, invited me into a new world of foundations, blushes, and eye shadows. 

In the past couple of years, as I've aged and my skin is on its ever-changing adventure, I've tried various products to see what works, depending on what season we might be in. There are still days when I don't wear anything except moisturizer. There are days when, as the kids say no, I glow up. Then, there are those regular days when I want some good cover up from spots, but I am sitting in my office, so I don't need to overkill any type of look. 

If you are like me, and want a nice polished look that you can either glam up or go low-key on, then Luminess cosmetics are for you! This company was specifically created so that women could achieve high quality professional looks, without the expensive messy large airbrush products. Luminess creates wonderful accessories for women to look flawless and have beautiful make up coverage in their own homes. It doesn't matter if it's the professional fashion world, the corporate world, or the everyday world, Luminess products are sure to make us feel and look our best with their airbrush systems. 

I've never used an airbrush system before-not even for any wedding. I was immediately intrigued by the Breeze Airbrush system. I was sent the Breeze Airbrush System kit. 

It includes:

  • a Breeze portable handheld airbrush
  • 2 bottles of Silk 4-in-1 foundation (medium coverage)
  • Airbrush Blush
  • Airbrush Love Illuminator,
  • Bulgarian Rose Mist Serum
  • Alluring Lip/ Eye Compact.

After opening the wonderful kit, figuring out what everything was, and fully reading the instructions, I went to the Luminess site for some tutorials. If you know about airbrushing, you probably don't need to do this, but it was really helpful for me to watch some videos, learn some "how-tos", and figure out the best way to use all the products.

The Breeze System is super easy to use. It features a two speed system to deliver a fine mist of foundation, blush, or mist that will adhere easy to skin. When fully charged, the Breeze can provide up to 60 applications before the red LED indicates recharging is needed.

The Silk-4-in-1 Foundation includes a primer, anti-aging serum, concealer, and foundation in one light-weight water based solution. Its goal is to provide a youthful younger look that isn't cakey or shows fine lines. 

Finished look with foundation, illuminator, and blush! 

Color matching might be needed to find your suitable color, especially if your skin tone changes between seasons. Remember to always shake up all the products before use and I recommend sampling to find the right mixture. 

When ready, locate the Breeze Airbrush well, tap in about 6 drops of your shade, or if mixing, find the appropriate base needed, and then turn on your system. There are instructions on how to blend shades, which involves using the trigger to pull the product in. 

Using the system is very easy. Holding the system about 4 fingers away from your face, and pulling back on the trigger creates a fine mist. Following one side of the face, down to the chin, to the second side of your face, and up into the forehead and nose is the best method to achieving a clear classic look. Remember to constant move your hand, otherwise you will find spots that will need to be blended. 

Example of not moving hand and application to thick! 

Since I had never used any airbrush system, I played with it a couple of times to get the right pattern and consistency needed. Also, make sure to use the light spray trigger points. Pulling back to the full spray will definitely cause a cakey look and use more makeup than necessary. Only use that full spray for flushing out product!

It is fast and doesn't take any more time than applying traditional foundations! There are different instructions depending on whether desired coverage. Remember, that for each pass over based on your desired coverage, you will need to allow the previous coverage to dry before application. 

Complete look with all Luminess products, minus Mascara (a diff brand!) 

Cleaning the system is super easy too. All it requires is some water and a cotton swab!

I had to play with the illuminator too, as I've never worn anything like that before. For those that are newbies like, me, it's a highlighter, typically applied to the high cheek area (or brow bone/ cupids bow) to create a healthy lovely glow. It goes on after foundation but before blush. It can also be worn as a standalone if you want a subtle look. 

I love this system's easiness, it's effectiveness, and the way the products feel and look! Its super light weight and is very portable. Stash it in your accessories bag for touch-ups before hitting the office party or after work show. It's small and easy enough to take it with you while traveling this holiday season too!  

I highly recommend the Breeze Airbrush system if you are desiring a wonderful holiday look this season. No matter whether it's a gift to yourself, a loved one who wants to have polished looks without the high-end prices, Luminess products will have you ready for that holiday party, office party, or family portrait session in no time!

Thanks, Luminess Cosmetics, for participating in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide features! For more great gift ideas, head over to MBP and check out the many options! 

Want it? Get it!

Get the Breeze Airbrush System Kit from Luminess for a wonderful air-brush quality look this holiday season. Don't forget to check out the other Luminess products as well!

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Have you ever experienced an air-brush system for your makeup? 

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