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Colorful Hair Accessories From Smunchies Co Help Anxiety


Thanks Smunchies Co. for sending these colorful accessories in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

Let's travel back to 1980 or 1990 something. Neon was in, Hair was big, and scrunchies were the main hair tie. Somewhere, along the way, scrunchies fell out of fashion and sleek elastics became the norm. Scrunchies were made with extra layers of fabric that protected our hair from the tangled web that elastics can cause. They were so colorful and often were a much-wanted accessory to anyone's outfit. 

Did you know that elastics are TERRIBLE for our hair? Securing our hair so tight with an elastic causes strands to be pulled, stressed, and eventually break away from our precious locks of love. Well, it's 2022 and the scrunchy style is back, in a different form. 

This Christmas, allow your inner fashionista emerge when you purchase from Smunchies Co. No matter whether they are for yourself or a loved one in your life, smunchies not only provide hairstyle options but also provide stress relief and anxiety. 

If you have ever kept a hair tie on your wrist that you fiddle with when you are anxious, you know exactly how hair ties can provide something for our fingers to do while waiting, when nervous, etc. Smunchies are filled with beads & foam that allow them to be squishable and figetable. 

To care for your smunchie, handwash and tumble dry. If the foam absorbs water via machine or submerging, it will lose its shape and squish. 

This great hair accessory now provides a sensory tool as our young ones and ourselves face obstacles, fear, anxiety, and more. Plus, they look great! 

I am so excited about these smunchies! I absolutely know my niece will love the colorful squishy fabric that will help alleviate her anxiety and give her a sensory focus when needed. 

There are so many patterns that it's hard to choose from. I received three scrunchies. 

Flower Patch



When I opened the packaging, I immediately noticed the softness of the fabric. Each scrunchie has an elastic in it that is surrounded with squishable fabric. Blocks of fabric beads inside the smunchie can be pushed, squeezed, and potentially even moved (although I'd prob not recommend this as the elastic could be damaged). 

Each smunchie has enough give to wrap twice around hair.  I remember scrunchies of the past always falling out because my hair was so thick that ponytails wouldn't stay. These seem to have a good elastic with a good grip! 

This holiday season, grab yourself a set of smunchies and great a great stocking stuffer gift! There are so many colors to choose from!

Want it? Get it!

Find your favorite pattern and learn more about sensory solutions at Smuchies Co

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How did you wear your hair when growing up?

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