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Celebrate National Aviation Month & The Holiday Season With PowerUP Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kits


Thanks PowerUP, for sending these airplane kits in exchange for my review. All thoughts are my own. 

Do you have early memories of seeing airplanes in the air as a child?  I remember heading out to the airstrip/ airport area and just watching planes take off with my grandfather. In fact, we used to have conversations about what it was like to fly. He, of course, had flown during WWII, but wasn't much for commercial flying.  Now, I was never into the engineering aspects of flying. For me, it was about the destination, the chance to dream, and wonder what it was like to go somewhere new. 

If you have little ones in your life that love learning about flying, then Power Up Toys are a must. Gone are the days of the paper airplane trailing across the school classroom behind the teacher's back. Now, embrace technology, STEM, and power with PowerUp Smartphone controlled paper airplanes. 

The PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit is a must for anyone that loves paper airplanes. Fold the airplane using provided templates to create an Invader model. (These are the type that are light bombers/ ground attack planes). 

The plane must fly well on its own before attaching the PowerUp tech to it. A smartphone with Google or Apple download capabilities is a must in order to connect to the PowerUp App. The app will connect your airplane to your phone, enabling you to have control as a pilot. 

Once completely assembled, the PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane Kit can feature 10 mins of flight time on one charge, flies a range of 230 feet, has auto stabilization for those windy days, a crash-proof carbon fiber body, and weights approximately .06 oz. For me, the crash proof is a must, because we know our young ones, especially my nephew, love destruction! If we are spending the time and energy to put this plane together, we want it to survive more than one trip!

Each PowerUp 4.0 Smartphone Controlled Paper Airplane kit contains the smart module, 4 printed templates to shape the airplane, instructions for the Invader design, spare propellers, crossbar, a Micro USB charging cable, Trim jig, and info on how to connect to the PowerUp app for flying. 

While this would make a great Christmas gift for young ones, it is a way perfect way for dads and sons/daughters to spend time together. Adults will definitely need to help with the airplane design work along with the tech set-up using a smartphone. 

 In fact, the PowerUP 4.0 Airplane would make a perfect gift for any dad, brother, uncle, friend who loves flying, mixing airplanes and tech together, and would enjoy this project in their free time!

Next up, PowerUP's F22 Raptor Flitetest Foamboard Jet Model would make an excellent gift as well. This DIY foamboard kit is for all stages and ages of life! This kit would need an additional purchase of an accessory kit along with the PowerUP tech in order to control by Bluetooth, otherwise you can test your flying skills without. It also needs a glue gun for proper setup too. 

The suggestions seem to favor towards paper kits before heading to foam kits, but it's all about your level of expertise and comfort! If you have never flown before, definitely get the feel with PowerUP paper kits first. 

While both kits are designed to withstand stronger weather elements, it's probably best to find a day with wind speeds less than 5 knots. This might be hard in the cold winter months if you live up north, 

Celebrate National Aviation Month and grab a Christmas gift early with paper/foam airplanes by PowerUP. This company has provided us with a way to have fun, learn, and incorporate our tech at the same time!

We have loved featuring PowerUP in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide For more gift ideas, head to Mommy's Block Party! 

Want it? Get it!

Continue aviation learning by purchasing the PowerUP 4.0 Paper Airplane kit as a gift this season! 

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Did you ever attempt to fly paper airplanes? 

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