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The Monday After Vacation


Are you feeling about as tired as my pup in this picture?

My two sons and I went on a road trip this past weekend, sans hubby. It was a brand new experience, not having my husband there to assist, support, laugh with and encourage us. He is such a vital part of our functionality as a family unit and it felt quite bizarre to have left him at home!
However, he and we survived and had a memorable time spent with family. 
Having said all that, I feel about as tired as my sweet puppy in the picture above. I’m not quite sure I’m ready to tackle this Monday in the same way I typically do and I’m perfectly OK with that! 
I was thinking about highlights from our special family time in Maryland and I can’t help but think of my ten years old’s smile when he caught his very first bass. 

I mean just look at that happy face!

Sometimes, it helps me to remember a moment in time that brought about such immense joy, I can’t help but smile again at the mere thought. 

If your Monday is long, tiresome or if you’re simply just “not feeling it” today, give yourself the space to feel that way. You’re a human being and you will have days like this. It doesn’t mean it isn’t a productive day. It just means you produced gains in your mind and spirit today and that’s a beautiful accomplishment, if you ask me. 

Your Tired Monday Mama,

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