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The BibiCaddy is the Ultimate Mom Helper & Makes a Great Gift #MBPHGG22

 Thanks to Bibiluv for providing me with product to facilitate this review. All thoughts are my own.

Confession time: I am three times a mom, and I have never owned a diaper caddy before. I never really thought I needed one. Sure, I've owned small little bins and containers to hold diapers and supplies, but have never had a true diaper caddy to move around the house when needed. Since our new home is still in the renovation stage and we're living with other family members, our everyday items and essentials are sort of all over the place. I've tried as best as I can to organize everything, but I'm not used to being the one to have an upstairs bedroom, and having to carry things up and down the stairs all day long (with baby in tow).

The Bibiluv Diaper Caddy is so much more than a diaper caddy... it's actually been a lifesaver for me in the short time I've had it in my possession. Throughout the day, I am back and forth between the upstairs bedroom and loft, and the downstairs of the house. Little babe and I are the only ones home during the day, and I really don't like having to leave her up or down while I make multiple trips up or down the stairs. 

The BibiLuv diaper caddy expands into a large organizer for all of the baby's essentials.

When I opened up the box for the Bibiluv diaper caddy, I was pretty stoked to see how large the diaper caddy was. The caddy was laying flat in the box, and when I popped it open and added the inserts, it expanded into a large rectangular organizer with handles. The large area inside allows me to pack the caddy full of diapers, wipes, extra baby clothes, and toys. There are even pockets lining the outside of the caddy for smaller items. This is awesome! No more playing 'where did that toy go?'.

Parents can easily carry their everyday items in this amazing caddy!

Now here's the really awesome thing (for me- and maybe you, too) about this caddy... I can use it to transport my personal items up and down the stairs, and also carry my babe at the same time. I quickly realized that instead of making over three trips up and down the stairs, I could easily fit all of my items into the BibiLuv caddy carry the caddy in one hand (thanks to the sturdy handles), and carry my baby on my hip. Huge victory! So huge, in fact, I called my husband who was at work, to share my excitement! I know- it's not conventional, but I was able to carry my laptop, water bottle coffee mug (with lid), baby blanket, Boppy pillow, diapers, and wipes all at once- and carry my baby, too!

Thanks to the BibiLuv, my mornings are much more efficient, and I am making fewer trips up and down the stairs at nap time.

Features of the BibiLuv BibiCaddy

Splash-Proof Material - Grab your BibiCaddy and go to the beach without any worry. Splashed with water or sand? Just wipe it and it’s good to go again.

Convenient Large Size - The 16”x10”x7’’ caddy is larger than most. You can easily store all your baby essentials: baby toys, diapers, baby clothes, baby wipes, bibs, onesies, baby toys, cloth diapers, changing pads, burp cloths, and many more! Even your one-year-old toddler can sit in the caddy.

Multipurpose Usage - Get creative with how to use your BibiCaddy. It is not only meant for storing a baby’s diaper or relevant essentials but it can also be used to store breast pumps, bath products, and art supplies. It can also be used as a student study organizer, picnic storage, or even for a sewing kit.

Bring It Anywhere - This premium, sturdy, foldable, and lightweight structure, makes it ideal for bringing it from room to room and anywhere around the house. Great for traveling with kids too.

Want it? Get it!

I am so happy to have this wonderful caddy! I'm already planning on bringing it on our winter vacation to organize our sweet babe's essentials. After our little one is a little older, we can use this amazing caddy as an organizer for one of our older kids... or perhaps I'll purchase two more, so each child will have one of their own! They are definitely worth having on hand for the kids, for travel, for events, etc. These would even make great gifts for teachers!

Head on over to grab a BibiCaddy so you can see why it is so well loved and has so many amazing reviews! Just the code JustOndria to receive 10% off your BibiCaddy purchase.

Thanks to BibiLuv for allowing me to experience and share about their wonderful caddy. Be sure to look for it in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide.

How will you use your BibiCaddy?

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