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Stuff The Stockings With All Natural Humble Deodorant This Holiday Season

Thanks to Humble Brands for providing product to review. All thoughts shared are my own. 

Somehow, I've found myself a mom to two pre-teen boys and deodorant is a new part of our lives.

Funnily enough, the teachers start requesting that kids begin wearing deodorant as they enter the 5th and 6th grade. I totally get it! I wouldn't want to be in a small classroom with 20 sweaty kids after recess unless deodorant made an appearance in their morning routine. 

However, finding the right deodorant for your kids as they enter into this new stage of development is a bit daunting. I knew I wanted to go the natural route, as I typically always do, but even in doing so, there is much to consider!

Sometimes, my skin can be sensitive to deodorants and I wasn't sure if my kids would also experience this. It matters to me the ingredients that my kids are putting onto their skin and if it's something you're curious about, I would encourage you to dive into some research about ingredients in your mainstream deodorant. I think you may consider making a switch and if so, I highly recommend Humble Brands

They offer deodorants, soap bars and lip balms too. They offer sustainable products with simple ingredients to help people on their journey to a cleaner lifestyle. 

The question is: Do they work? Yes. They really do keep me smelling fresh and dry throughout the day. I love these deodorants and I've come to really appreciate the simple scents from natural plants. 

I love the lemongrass and sage scent, but there are many to choose from. The best part about Humble deodorant is that you can grab a travel size for under $5 and a full size for around $10! This is an amazing price point for an all natural deodorant. 

If you have a kiddo who is entering this stage of their adolescence, grab a few to try and stuff their Christmas stockings. I know kids aren't necessarily thrilled about it but us parents surely are!


Be sure to check out 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for all sorts of excellent stocking stuffer ideas as the next couple of months roll in. Humble deodorant can be purchased from their website, but make sure to check them out on Instagram and Facebook, too!

Holiday blessings to you and yours,


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