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Strategies to Increase Your Dental Practice


Despite the advantages of digital marketing campaigns, it can be difficult for dentists to keep up with the new trends that bring patients to their doors.


Dentists have to compete with others to acquire local patients. Therefore, dental practices that do not prioritize online presence or brand promotion will likely not last long when competitors bring new patients via Google or targeted ads, email, and social media ads.


Investing in advanced digital tools and marketing strategies is essential to grow your dental practice. For instance, dentists must use digital marketing strategies like having a website or social media platforms to showcase their services and traditional direct mail marketing methods like sending postcards routinely to clients.


Practical Strategies to Increase Your Dental Practice


Numerous ways and strategies exist to increase your visibility and grow your dental practice.


Improve Patient Experience 


The most critical factor in a happy returning client is a fantastic prior experience. So, it is crucial to enhance your customer experience from when they arrive at your clinic to when they get back after their treatment. Simply put, you must provide your patients with a seamless and enjoyable experience if you're looking to improve patient retention.


Enhance Engagement of Patients


Engaged patients are essential for successful dental practices. The idea behind this is to continuously improve communication with patients and outreach so that patients remain vigilant regarding their health and keep your practice in mind. Patient engagement can take different forms, from general communication to interactions on social media.


Concentrate on Satisfaction of the Patient


A well-organized review process can assist dentists in recognizing their weaknesses. Set up a system wherein you can organize a series of surveys for patients to get feedback following their appointment. Review and analyze the input regularly to determine what improvements should be implemented.


Implement Online Reputation Management


Online reputation management for dental practice includes responding to and reading all reviews, resolving negative thoughts, and many more. More than 80 percent of patients look at online reviews when selecting the right healthcare provider. To attract new customers, dental practices need plans to handle and increase the number of studies on all platforms, including Google, Yelp, and Healthgrades.


Ensure you have a simple booking process


Mainly since COVID-19, from ordering food to purchasing cars, companies have automated procedures to make things easier for their customers. Letting patients make appointments and book online makes it easy for new clients to walk through your door. Dental practices must be aware of this when deciding on a booking method.


Set clear policies regarding payments


Dental treatment is costly, and many patients fear dentist visits because of the cost factor. Making clear the information about charges, forms for payment accepted, payment dates due, and any flexible payment plan could help people unsure about the financial aspect of making an appointment.


Plan for No-Shows and Cancellations


Last-minute cancellations and no-shows cause U.S. healthcare providers over $150 billion annually. Therefore, a clear cancellation policy must be implemented to discourage frequent cancellations and decrease the number of no-shows. In addition, make appointment and confirmation reminders to ensure that patients do not forget about appointments.


Usage of Postcards


To grow your dental practice, the postcard strategy is very effective. It is a form of marketing wherein you design and send postcards to people in your locality. A postcard can effectively showcase your experience, contact details, ongoing offers, discounts, etc. Nowadays, there are service providers who can help you design an appropriate postcard that best showcases your skills.




The process of growing dental practice is not an easy undertaking. So many moving components and strategies, goals, and budgets must be kept in mind. Therefore, it's ideal to seek assistance from an expert like a marketing agency specializing in developing dental practices.


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