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Show Off Your Holiday Glow With Brandefy Skin Duo's

Many thanks to Brandefy for sending this duo in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own.

How does your skin show off its healthy glow? In the rush and bustle of the holiday season, it's easy to let our skin's health diminish. Colder Windier air dries our skin out faster. Our eating routines are out of sorts from..well, let's be honest, it really starts with raiding the kids Trick-Or-Treat candy at Halloween all the way through the December holiday season. We might not be sleeping as well when stress builds up too. All of that affects our skin's healthy glow!

No matter whether you are getting ready for holiday photos, parties with Santa, or farm hayrides, you need to have a great skincare routine to stay insta worthy (or even, just to not have your face itch and breakout). 

Brandefy Skin offers the perfect solution to get worthy products at lower costs. No more drug store price markups with Brandefy. Rather, invest in brands that bring quality affordable products to your vanity or dressing room table. 

Cutting out the middleman, Brandefy works with brands to promote great products at effective pricing-which means the packaging isn't always the prettiest. But we don't want to spend our money on packaging anyway, so in my eyes-that doesn't matter too much as long as packaging methods try their best to be environmentally friendly.

Brandefy Skin has some great holiday kits for all those lovelies that need to update their skincare routines but don't want to pay the hefty prices on luxury beauty products. Check out the Let it Glow Duo. This Duo offers a full sized water cream and a full sized vitamin C serum.

Vitamin C serum is pretty basic. We all know what vitamin C is, right? For a recap, it's the vitamin that works with our facial collagen and not against it! This means that our facial complexions are brightened, our fine lines disappear, and maybe, just maybe, it will help our anti-aging process that all of our stressors, lack of water, and consumption of caffeine tacks onto our skin. 

If you are like me and have a simple wash and moisturize routine, you might be thinking "What the heck is water cream?". Yep, exactly my thoughts too! Water cream is water based hydration cream that simple sinks into the skin. It aims at giving the skin a burst of hydration without the greasy icky feeling some facial moisturizers leave behind. 

If you grab this duo, use it after a morning facial wash, apply the vitamin C serum, then the Water Cream. Don't forget your sunscreen afterwards…yes, even in the winter! 

If extra serums aren't up your alley, Brandefy has some other great holiday gift sets just for your stocking, like the Daily Duo! Or perhaps, gift your loved one a product you know that they will love. If you are into vegan, all natural, or other type of cruelty-free products, Brandefy has search options just to help you out. 

This holiday season, put a little bit of love into your skincare routine and under your tree! Grab a Brandefy Skin product for that special someone in your life who truly desires to feel and look their best. Not only will your pocket be happy, but your heart will be happy for giving such a great gift!

Thanks to Brandefy for their willingness in being featured in our 2022 Mommy's Block Party Holiday Gift Guide!

Want it? Get it!

Grab the Brandefy Skin Let It Glow Kit or another product for a fabulous holiday gift! 

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