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Show Off Holiday Hair With My Moxy Shampoo & Conditioner

Thanks My Moxy, for this duo set in exchange for a review. All thoughts are my own. 

How often do you wash your hair? There are all sorts of theories about how often, how much is needed, what types of products should be used, and more. Personally, I can't go more than three days before the urge to itch takes over and my scalp's oiliness makes my hair dull and lifeless. 
My Moxy shampoo and conditioner are clarifying products to cleanse our scalps from everyday pollutants that build up. I have coarse thick hair that often has a mind of its own. Keeping my scalp clean of buildup from products and earth's pollutants is a must for keeping a healthy head of hair. 

Clarifying Shampoos and Conditioners have often been full of products that aren't great for our locks of love. Meant to rid our scalps of buildup from our daily products, water usage, and more; clarifying shampoos are great for those who use a lot of products or color. Clarifying products are meant to actually clean our hair and scalps of oil, excess buildup, the daily products we use, and whatever else is trapped in our lovely follicles. 

To use My Moxy- wash your hair with the shampoo, focusing on the scalp and roots. Go ahead with your other shower routine tasks while waiting a few minutes for it to soak in. Rinse and repeat. Follow with conditioner and do the same. You might want to consider following up with a deep conditioning treatment or leave in conditioner if you have coarse hair like mine. 

Clarifying shampoos can also strip all the good stuff away, so it's best not to use them too much, as opposed to daily shampoos that aim just to rid our scalps of regular dirt and oil. My Moxy recommends twice a week because it doesn't have the harsh heavy stuff a lot of clarifying shampoos contain. 

Honestly, I can't use clarifying products more than once every couple of weeks otherwise my hair rebels. The natural moisture gets stripped away, and drys out my hair, so I do it as a love treatment to my scalp to rid it of all the icky stuff attached to it. 

If you are on the hunt to clarify your scalp and love your hair in between the holiday party styles, then My Moxy is for you. It is free of all the harmful stuff like parabens, sulfates, silicons, kathon, and betaines. 

My Moxy products are made for both men and women to enjoy. This is a great product to kick off the holiday season and its many festivities. It's also great to slip in the stocking as a small little gift of love for your loved one's locks!

We have loved featuring My Moxy in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. For more gift inspiration, head over to MBP!

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