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Revitalize Your Holiday Skincare Routine With Clean Beauty By AnaK


Thanks AnaK, for sending over this great gift set in exchange for my review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Ok, I admit, In my teens and 20s, I didn't care about skincare health. I didn't pay attention to all the harmful and detrimental elements found in most of our products. In my late 30s, I've started to pay attention to such things- as well as how these products really do affect my skincare health, and overall, my physical health. 

The holiday season is quickly descending upon us. Too often we grab the latest gift sets from the holiday shelves while out shopping. What if, when we gifted skincare products, we intentionally thought about the brand, their values, and what their products were made of? Clean Beauty By AnaK raises the bar of gifts with their vegan, natural ingredients, and nontoxic skincare and cosmetics products. 

This woman owned, Tampa based, business promises us that their products will be cruelty-free, nontoxic, vegan, organically harvested, and free of sulfates and parabens. A quick quiz on the website reveals one's skincare type, allowing the consumer to be on the way to finding products that meet the needs and goals of your purchase. 

AnaK has a great line of body wellness products in addition to facial care! Instead of buying the gift sets off the big box store shelf, check out the Body Wellness collection. A 3- pieced travel size collection is available that I am sure the recipient would absolutely love! 2 of the pieces are TSA friendly, which makes it even better for usage! 

It contains a 2 oz Lavender Sage Body Wash, a 2 oz Lavender Sage body butter, and 11.5 oz of Lavender Sage Sea Salt Scrub. Lavender is known for its healing relaxing powers. Sage has many properties, including skin improvement and increased blood circulation. Revitalize your soul and skin with this lemon sage set! Dive into a wonderful bath or shower with these enticing products. The scent will leave you feeling relaxes and revitalized from weariness that the holidays can bring. 

A bonus plus is that you will not only be purchasing toxic-free products, you will also be supporting fair trade practices as well. I am increasingly a fan of fair trade, as we need companies that create sustainable and ethically business models to not exploit people. 

From gentle cleansing to skin exfoliation, this set has everything needed for maintaining wonderful healthy, and youthful, skin! Note-the sea salt scrub does have liquid in it, so be careful when opening. It's a liquid type scrub more than a dry scrub, which I like better. The body butter slides on smooth and leaves no grease behind. 

Don't forget to replenish your skin with much-needed nourishment via the body butter. This holiday season, grab a complete wonderful beauty skincare kit from AnaK. Your gift recipient will love the smell, the products, and the feel of their skin after using it! 

Thank you Clean Beauty by AnaK, for your willingness to be featured in our Mommy's Block Party 2022 Holiday Gift Guide2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

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Refresh your skincare routine with Clean Beauty by AnaK

Virtual consultations are available if you need help deciding on the best line for your skin!

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