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Miniskirt: Trendy outfit in 2022 & 2023 and tips on how to use it:

 The miniskirt looks to be the garment that will set the trend during 2022 and 2023, so you must take it into account and have it in your wardrobe.

Summer is a season of the year that allows us to experiment with pieces like the miniskirt. This season you can opt for elegance or comfort without losing style. It will only be enough to choose the necessary elements for each occasion. However, short heart skirt can also be used at any time of the year.

Some people wear them with socks in cold weather or with long trench coats that break in the wind. You wear it as and when you feel most comfortable. On the big fashion catwalks we have seen the return of miniskirts, but with a modern and innovative touch.

Mini skirt fashion consists of a classic design that at the same time meets contemporary times. With this garment, you will be ready to go to work or a meeting with friends.

Miniskirts: trendy designs that you won't stop wearing until the summer is over

Short skirts live a new youth and are inspired by their key decades in fashion history to give life to the models.

Women's fashion is characterized by breaking stereotypes and experiencing authentic revolutions with the appearance of garments such as pants or bikinis. One of these milestones was the miniskirt which became a true icon in its first years of life in the 60s and 70s.

Beyond that, the short skirt has been able to reinvent itself to continue being fashionable. We live in the 90s and at the turn of the century and, if you haven't noticed, we are in a new resurgence of this famous garment.

In the middle of summer, we are seeing in street style what the big international firms proposed on the catwalks a few months ago. Big firms bet fully on the revival of the silver mini skirt, but Solado has been especially responsible for its once again becoming an essential item in any women's wardrobe.

The miniskirts that are worn this summer are very, very, short. And, as if this were not enough, they are also accompanied by a fairly low waist. This absolute cut of pattern has produced that until the arrival of the good weather we have not noticed its omnipresent presence. As a counterpoint, the designers suggest wearing them with masculine-style garments such as shirts or oversize sweaters.

Mini skirt trend – Easy to predict:

The return of the miniskirt was easy to predict. It is a very predictable trend seeing the evolution of fashions in recent months. On the one hand, the fever for the aesthetics of the 2000s, a time that generation Z is imitating down to the smallest detail and where shorter miniskirts were all the rage. On the other hand, the desire to celebrate after overcoming the confinements that have valued the most striking colors or fabrics such as sequins.

We cannot let another day go by without analyzing the miniskirts that are in fashion. To do this, we will be inspired by the proposals of the big firms to find out the styles, colors, and details that are essential as well as the best way to combine these mini designs.

However, the triumph of miniskirts is so great that it exceeds the limits of age. For women who want to join the two-thousand-year airs, but without seeming dressed up as a teenager, there are also some very interesting proposals. These generations will be more seduced by proposals such as those of big brands that combine the miniskirt with shirts creating the perfect uniform for the season.

You have to know how to play with opposite poles. If the skirt is very short, it is better to use upper garments with sleeves or with oversize volumes. That is the bet, for example, of Loewe. The Spanish firm is also committed to the contrast between materials by proposing sequined miniskirts with knitted sweaters.

We can still go one step further and dress the miniskirt from a more classic point of view, a look that will delight a more mature woman or a profile that is looking for a more discreet way of dressing. Solado proposes designs with a very ladylike aesthetic with its immortal tweed suits in powdery tones. For its part, other brands recall the 1960s with trapeze skirts and we propose suits with very short skirts but without abandoning the limits required by elegance.

Miniskirt fashion – A symbol of freedom:

Surrounded by enormous controversy, the miniskirt would become popular thanks to the impulse of celebrities. In addition, it became a symbol of freedom and female empowerment and was used popularly in demonstrations. Little by little, it made its way beyond the younger generations, breaking the barriers of age and making its way into all women's wardrobes.

This type of miniskirt is back in the news. They are high-waisted designs and trapezoid shapes, that is, a little flared. They are the best for women who are over 40 years old and the perfect way to combine them is with jackets, achieving the ideal two-piece suit. Due to the rigors of the weather, jackets can be replaced by lighter garments such as white shirts or tops in makeup tones.

Thus, wearing a miniskirt or from day to day will be easy as long as you feel comfortable. Some moccasins or a turtleneck sweater will make you fall in comfort.

On the other hand, you can choose a patterned skirt from Solado. All the protagonism will fall on her and the other clothes will only be a compliment.

Finally, crystal stockings will be perfect to accompany your miniskirt. In addition, you will not be cold and it will give you a touch of elegance. The black ones are ideal for any occasion.

At Solado, we have an exclusive collection of all types of women’s outfits from mesh maxi dress to mini dress.

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