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Melanotan 2 – How Does It Work Exactly?


Do you want a natural tan fast and without much work? Then you’re on the right page.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Melanotan 2 in Australia. You’ll know how scientists make this peptide and how it affects your body to produce the glowing, darker skin color you desire. Plus, are there any side effects? 

Read on to find out more! 

What is Melanotan 2 Made of? 

In 1960, scientists made Melanotan 2. The drug mimics the naturally occurring hormone known as an alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone. This peptide stimulates melanogenesis and helps improve your sexual stamina. Look at you smiling already. 

You’ll get those effects when the drug acts through MC (Melanocortin) receptors—which brings us to…

What is the MT2 Receptor? 

The MT2 receptor is a G-protein coupled receptor that mediates melatonin’s effects. There are 5 Melanocortin receptors labeled MC 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The melanotan 2 australia peptide binds to three of those biological proteins to give you the desired results. 

To illustrate, you’ll get darker skin when it works on the MC1 receptor mediating melanin production, while the action on MC 3 and MC 4 receptors gives you the aphrodisiac effects.

What Does Melanotan 2 Do to Your Body? 

Use melanotan 2 australia with the help of a qualified physician. You don’t want to ruin the chances of ever getting a sexy natural tan. Or worse, you wouldn’t want to experience side effects such as nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, and involuntary stretching.

Buy your products from reputable online shops that guarantee quality, efficiency, and safety. Many people have lost their money or ruined their bodies with fake products. Don’t be one of them. 

Does Melanotan 2 Make You Sleepy? 

Yes, it will. This drug can bind to the receptors on your brain after crossing the blood-brain barrier (BBB), making you feel fatigued. Don’t operate machinery after taking it. 

Does Melanotan Permanently Darken Skin? 

No. Hear this. You’ll get a long-lasting tan—a darker skin color allowing you to enjoy the sun in peace. And you can get that effect in less than a week. But this skin pigmentation won’t last forever. So you might have to inject another dosage after a few weeks.

Patients suffering from skin diseases such as vitiligo or erythropoietic protoporphyria can thus benefit from a better therapeutic choice. Furthermore, you get to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. And even lower the chances that you’ll get melanoma skin cancer. 

How Much Melanotan 2 Do I Inject? 

Experts recommend you use a dose of 0.025 mg/kg whether you want to treat erectile dysfunction or to protect your skin from damage. Inject the peptide twice/thrice a week at first, then once or twice the following week. You’ll get the results you desire.

The only precaution is that you don’t use melanotan 2 australia during pregnancy or breastfeeding. 

Does Melanotan 2 Make You Lose Weight? 

Scientists studied rat models and found that this drug could help you lose weight. So, you don’t have to maintain a bland and tortuous diet that you might quit after a few days. And calorie restriction will also be a thing of the past. 

Why? Because the drug boosts your basal metabolic rate (BMR).

You’ll get your dream physique through the melanocortin system, burning fat while maintaining lean body mass. Imagine that—getting tanned and having the best shape of your life. Everybody would envy you.

Does Melanotan 2 Protect Your Skin? 

Yes, it does. Studies show that you’ll improve your skin’s resilience against sunburns. And in this process, you’ll prevent DNA damage that could be potentially cancerous. This effect results from boosting your skin’s melanin secretion.

Some people also reported that this peptide helped them cure skin moles and regain their beauty in a short period. How awesome is that? 

Does Melanotan 2 Make Your Hair Darker? 

Yes. You’ll get darker hair, too, because the skin and hair share genes of a common origin.

Thereby, when you stimulate the skin, in this case through the alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone, you’ll inevitably alter your hair’s shade. However, the pigmentation’s intensity will depend on your previous hair color. 

How Much Sunlight Do You Need with Melanotan 2? 

Scientists recommend spending at least 20 minutes in direct sunlight after injecting the drug. You’ll make melanogenesis happen more quickly and create a long-term impact.

You’ll also love the following if you’re using Melanotan 2 to get stronger erections. Sunlight helps cure impotence by skyrocketing testosterone production through vitamin D synthesis. Get your double benefits with melanotan 2 australia! 


Melanotan 2 is a tanning peptide you can use for aesthetic purposes or to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. You can thus get a quick, durable tan and the bonus of improving your sexual life. Use this drug under the supervision of a qualified physician.

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