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Make Your Own Raw Plant-based Milks, Soups, and Seed Creams with Tribest's Soyabella® Plant-Based Milk Maker with Tofu Kit

Soyabella® makes delicious raw plant-based kinds of milk in seconds! It is also great
for making delicious puréed soups, superfood cereals, nut and seed creams, and more.
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Make delicious, fresh raw nut and seed beverages in as little as 30 seconds with the Soyabella®. Easily prepare plant-based beverages from grains and beans within 15 minutes. The Soyabella® is an all-in-one machine that heats and then blends your pure ingredients. It’s also great for making puréed soups, breakfast cereals, fresh porridge, and sesame paste. soups, superfood cereals, nut and seed creams, and simple chutneys can all be created with the versatility of Soyabella®. Its grinding blade can even be used as a mill with the included accessories so you can grind coffee beans, nuts, seeds, grains, and herbs without needing an additional appliance.

I was fortunate to try out the Soyabella® Plant-Based Milk Maker with Tofu Kit! It comes with a recipe book and directions for use. Two of my children are lactose intolerant so we are big almond and oat milk drinkers. The directions are easy to follow and my husband and I enjoyed making our own oat milk together! We already had everything on the ingredient list making it an easy peasy decision on what to make first with our new “toy”. Our result was delicious unsweetened oat milk that was better than what I normally buy in the store. We are so excited to try many more recipes with our Soyabella® Plant-Based Milk Maker. I am looking forward to trying a butternut squash autumn puree soup this week! I will share the recipe next week, so keep an eye out!
Soyabella® features different program settings that let you easily control temperature and
grinding time with a single touch. It features a number of advanced safety features for safe,
reliable operation.
Soyabella® Plant-Based Milk Maker Key Features
Includes Stainless Steel Lid
The stainless steel lid keeps your fresh plant-based milk covered while you clean the
grinding head, preventing steam from entering the grinding head and extending the life
of your Soyabella.
Includes Tofu Kit
Make soy curds into delicious tofu—perfect for salads, snacks, or as a protein substitute.
Just make a fresh batch of plant-based milk using the Soyabella, add a coagulant, allow
the milk to curd, then pour into the tofu press using the included cheesecloth.
Make Raw Plant-Based Milk in 30 Seconds
Make unheated, raw plant-based milk in as little as 30 seconds. The "RAW" function
activates the grinding blade only, so you can grind dry ingredients or make raw almond
milk, cashew milk, pumpkin seed milk, and other plant-based milk.
Make Heated Plant-Based Milk in 15 Minutes
The "HOT" function activates the heating element and grinding blade, allowing you to
create nut milk, seed milk, grain milk, soups, cereals, rice paste, and much more in as
little as 15 minutes.
Versatile Grinding Function
Grind your coffee beans, flax seeds, spices, and other dry ingredients inside the grinding cup. The blade grinds dry ingredients to a smooth, light consistency with its patented
helical structure and serrated edge.
Easy to Clean
Soyabella’s heating element is enclosed within the stainless steel carafe for heat
protection and easy-to-clean, smooth surfaces. There's no exposed heating coil.
Built-In Safety Features 
Built-in safety features prevent messes that can be caused by overflows, dry heating,
or overheating. Keep your countertop clean by using the included accessories, like the
Soyabella drip cup, between batches to prevent spills.
Food-Safe Stainless Steel
The stainless steel carafe, lid, screens, and grinding blade plus the BPA-free motor
head ensure your beverages do not ever come into contact with harmful chemicals.

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