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Keep Your Kids' Halloween Items Organized with Name Bubbles Labels

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It's almost time for Halloween! Are you ready? I'm getting there, but I have to say, it does take a bit of organization on my end for the kids to have a great Halloween. Each year, we host a Halloween gathering with our friends, where we have snacks, play games, dance, and of course, the kids go trick-or-treating.

 I have a lot of decorations, and festive items and the kids have tons of dress-up clothing, accessories, and costumes. All of these items come out for spooky season, and it would easily become a chaotic mess if we didn't have a system in place to keep everything organized.

Name Bubbles labels help me keep track of all of our family's Halloween items. I know- you typically think of these types of labels for labeling school and camp items, but they're really perfect for labeling all kinds of items throughout the year. Since my kids wear their Halloween costumes and take their Halloween buckets to school, or to trunk-or-treat events around town, I like to label them, along with any of their costume accessories. When you have three or four kids in a classroom dressed as Elsa, you can imagine that the accessories might wind up mixed up.

The labels are customizable with colors, fonts, and even cute little icons your kids will love! Choose fun and festive colors for Halloween labels and large, spooky fonts! It'll make labeling Halloween items a lot more interesting and fun for the kids, and it might even help you remember that the item you're labeling is for Halloween.

Tip- Don't just stop with labeling costumes and candy pails. Label your other household Halloween items, too. Since we have a party every year, I like to keep a Halloween bin (plastic tub with lid), stocked with festive party decor, tableware, silly string, balloons, and more. Label the bin with a Name Bubbles label and keep it stacked in your decorations shed, garage or attic with other bins of the same kind. This way, you'll be able to quickly find what you need when it's closer to time to decorate and party!

It's not too late to get your labels! 

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What will you label and organize this Halloween?

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