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Keep Your Cold Treats Cold with Calicle Ice Cream Bowls


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Love ice cream, but hate ice cream soup? Same! I'm not crazy about ice cream, but my husband and kids are. They love ice cream any time of year, and they don't play favorites when it comes to flavors. One thing that no one seems to like, however, is melted ice cream. Over the years, I've come to notice that some ice cream brands melt a lot faster than others, and when it's warm inside or out, sometimes you can't eat the ice cream fast enough before you're left with a sweet, sticky puddle.

Leave it to Calicle to save the day by keeping your ice cream cold!

Calicle 2 Bowl Set in Black/White

Meet Calicle, the awesome ice cream bowls that keep your cold treats cold, and keep your hands warm! No more instant melting when you scoop your ice cream into a plain old bowl. Savor each blissful bite without it melting (up to 200% longer) even in hot weather. Each 12oz triple insulated bowl keeps your ice cream at the perfect consistency.

No Mess – Safe for kids and glass-free zones with a non-slip silicone base and shatterproof construction.

Stay or Go – Enjoy on-the-go with the included leak-resistant Tritan lids. Perfect for picnics, pool parties, camping, beach days, boat trips, and work/school lunches.

Hot or Cold – Keep your soups, stews and chilis hot longer. Calicle bowls are also great for keeping your snacks, dips, fruit, cereal or overnight oats cold longer.

The Ultimate Ice Cream Accessory – The coolest gift for any ice cream lover!

We adore these bowls! They're so sleek and look great in any kitchen. They're perfect for couples who want to enjoy a late night ice cream date after the kids have gone to bed. They're also perfect for kiddos to bring their ice cream treats outside when it's hot! The ice cream will always stay cold.

Want them? Get them!

Calicle ice cream bowls are a steal of a deal, coming in at just under $50.00 for a set. They make a great gift! Be sure to grab a set of Calicle bowls on Amazon. Connect with Calicle on Facebook and Instagram.

We're proud to feature Calicle in our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide!

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