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How To Revamp Your Old Jewelry This New Year

 Jewelry is perhaps the most precious asset for a woman because it is worth more than its dollar value. You probably have a sentimental connection with every piece in your collection. For example, you may have inherited a necklace from your grandmother, received a pair of earrings from your dad on graduation, or bought a bracelet with your first salary. Pieces like your engagement ring and wedding ring are even more precious. But even the most valuable items in your collection may appear outdated sooner or later. You may not want to wear them, but selling them is out of the question. Luckily, you can opt for a middle path by redesigning these pieces. Let us share some tips on revamping your old jewelry this New Year.

Start with a good look at your collection

A good look at your collection gives you a head start with its makeover. You can compare it with the latest jewelry trends to identify the items that appear genuinely out of vogue. The good thing is that most of them are likely to be evergreen because basics like chains, rings, and earrings seldom go through massive transitions. But you may still find some items that need a redesign. Start small and go slow to avoid overspending. 

Consider your budget

Deciding on a budget beforehand is another effective measure to avoid overspending on a  redesign project. You can even move ahead one by one, beginning with your favorite in the collection this New Year. Of course, you can pick other pieces down the line as you save enough to pay for the transition. You will be a lot more comfortable with wise budgeting and planning. 

Find an expert designer

Once you know how much you can spend and what you want to revamp, it is the right time to find a professional to work on the project. Look for a professional jewelry redesign expert because redesigning is far more complicated than creating from scratch. A seasoned designer can work according to your recommendations or suggest better ideas to rework the originals without breaking the bank.

Think about creating more with less

The good thing about jewelry makeover is that it gives you a chance to do more with less. For example, you can transform a huge heirloom necklace into several pendants or rings to bequeath your inheritance to all your children or grandchildren. Alternatively, you can repurpose it into a necklace and earrings for yourself. You only have to think as creatively as possible.

Upgrade with new stones and metals

Upgrading your old jewelry with new stones and metals is an excellent way to give it a makeover on a budget. Moreover, you can retain the original design and only change the look of the piece by switching parts. A diamond necklace looks more vibrant by adding rubies to the design. Likewise, you may swap gold for silver or platinum for your wedding ring to make it appear more sophisticated. 

Redesigning your old jewelry need not cost a fortune. You can follow these tips and find an expert to give your outdated pieces a stunning makeover this New Year.

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